GM Pontiac G6 GT Headlight Bulbs Replacement Guide – (High Beam, Low Beam, Parking/Signal, & Sidemarker Lights)

GM Pontiac G6 Headlight Bulbs Replacement Guide

A pictures illustrated guide for replacing the headlights, turn signal, and sidemarker light bulbs in a GM Pontiac G6 GT.

GM G+61404532026L V6

Pontiac G6 GT Headlight

1 of 2 Headlight Bolts
This automotive “how-to” guide was specifically written to assist owners of the 1st generation (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010) Pontiac G6 GT in replacing the high beam headlight, low beam headlight, turn signal (parking), and side marker light bulbs.

Owners of other Pontiac G6 vehicles from 2005 to 2010 in base V6, SE, GT, and GTP trim levels featuring the 2.4L, 3.5L, 3.6L and 3.9L engines should also find this guide to be useful.


The Pontiac G6 headlight assembly contains four bulbs and their replacement part numbers from Sylvania and other manufacturers are as follows: Low Beam Headlight # H11, High Beam Headlight # H9, Front Turn Signal # 3057 and Front Sidemarker # 194.

To replace one or more of these light bulbs requires a 7mm socket or wrench and a small flat head screwdriver.


7mm Socket / Wrench

Two 7mm Screws Removed

7mm Headlight Screw Out
All I had handy was a pair of pliers which were able to remove the two 7mm headlight screws with minimal damage.

A 7mm socket and ratcheting wrench would have made the job a lot easier.

Pop Up Plastic Rivet

Plastic Pop Rivet Removed

Fascia Rivet Removed
Even with the two 7mm headlight screws removed, the headlight assembly will not just slide out.

It is necessary that you remove at least two of the black plastic pop rivets located adjacent to the headlight towards the center of the car.

2nd Pop Rivet Removed

Pull Up Front Fascia Corner

Pull Out Headlight Assembly
The black plastic pop rivets are easily removed by using a small flat head screwdriver to lift up the center piece (see picture # 007).

Then you can lift the entire pop rivet from the top of the fascia.

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The headlight assembly is held in place by a ball joint located at the rear center of the housing and also by the bumper fascia.

It’s best to get another person to help you remove the headlight, although it is possible to do it by yourself.

Start by pulling back the plastic fascia a few inches and then pulling straight forward on the headlight assembly until the ball joint pops out.

GM Pontiac G6 GT Headlight Bulbs Replacement Guide - (High Beam, Low Beam, Parking/Signal, & Sidemarker Lights) Warning – Do not attempt to remove the headlight assembly in very cold weather. This is best done in a warm garage or on a warm day. The plastic might be brittle and crack when cold. If you do attempt it, be very careful.

Try to avoid scratching the painted area on the lip of the bumper by pulling slightly upward when dislocating the headlight assembly.

Headlight Resting On Bumper

Turn Signal & Sidemarker

Turn Signal Socket
Once you have the headlight housing freed from the rest of the car, rest it on top of the bumper’s lip.

Place a towel underneath first to help protect your paint.

From the left to the right the bulbs are in the following order: High Beam, Low Beam, Turn Signal (Parking) and Sidemarker Light Bulb.

Signal/Parking # 3057 Bulb

Pull Bulb Straight Out

Sidemarker Bulb Socket
To remove the front turn signal (parking) or side marker light bulbs, just grasp the bulb’s socket and turn it a 1/4 turn counter clockwise.

Then pull the power connector, socket and light bulb straight out from the headlight housing.

The bulb itself can be removed by pulling it straight out from the socket.

If you have any trouble, try wiggling while pulling on the bulb.

A replacement front turn signal bulb is Sylvania part # 3057 and the side marker light bulb is Sylvania part # 194.

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Front Sidemarker # 194

Sylvania # 194 Bulb

High Beam & Low Beam
The low beam head light and high beam headlight bulbs are located under round black plastic covers.

To remove the covers, twist them a 1/4 turn counter clockwise and pull it straight off the assembly.

Low Beam Cover

1/4 Turn Counter Clockwise

Philips H11 LL Low Beam


1/4 Turn Counter Clockwise

Remove Low Beam Bulb

Pull Old H11 Bulb Out
Underneath one round black plastic cover you’ll find the Phillips H11 low beam headlight bulb and the Phillips H11 high beam headlight bulb under the other one.

Two Plastic Retaining Clips

Pop Clips With Screwdriver

H11 Low Beam Removed
To remove either the high beam or low beam headlight bulb/socket/connector from the headlight housing, turn the base a 1/4 turn counter clockwise and pull it straight out from the assembly.

High Beam Light Bulb Cover

H9 High Beam Headlight

Turn 1/4 Counter Clockwise
Both the high beam and low beam headlight bulbs are held in place by two plastic retaining clips on either side of the power connector.

You can either pop them up with your fingers or by using a small flathead screwdriver.

Pull Out H9 Bulb & Connector

Plastic Retaining Clips
The H9 high beam or H11 low beam headlight bulb is permanently attached to the black plastic base, so don’t try to remove the actual glass bulb.

The replacement H9 and H11 bulbs include the base and plug right into the power connector.

Pop Up Clip With Screwdriver

Phillips H9 High Beam Bulb

Bulb & Power Connector

Pull Back Front Bumper Fascia

Insert Corner of Headlight

Push Headlight Into Ball Joint
Once you have replaced the faulty high beam, low beam headlight, parking/signal or sidemarker bulb(s), re-install the headlight assembly.

To do this, pull back on the top of the bumper’s fascia and gently place the headlight housing back into its cavity.

When you are satisfied with the headlight assembly’s placement, push on it until you hear the ball joint and connector snap back into place.

This may require several attempts and some repositioning.

To finish the job, turn on the headlights and hazard signals to verify that the new bulbs are working.

Double Check Placement

2 7mm Screws & 2 Pop Rivets

Check New Bulbs
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