Has anyone removed foam from the inside of their helmet?

Has anyone removed foam from the inside of their helmet?

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There’s a real toss-up on helmets, their foam innards, and reshaping the foam for a better fit.

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First, a helmet has to fight snug, but not tight. That’s the real problem. Most helmets will fit snug in certain spots, and tight in others. Facial structure, the way ones ears are shaped, the crown of ones head, etc., all dictate the final shape of what the foam of a helmet should be for a giving persons head. The helmet liner and foam can be custom tailored to your particular dimensions. And rest assured, your particular dimensions will different from everybody else particulars. “One size fits all” is what you’re stuck with unless you tailor your helmet.

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I despise helmets on the street, but that’s me. In the States that require a helmet, I have no choice but to wear one. In the Winter, I also have no choice but to wear one, ’cause I despise a frozen face also. So, if I gotta wear one, then it’s gotta fit perfect. I’ve tailored the fit of ever helmet I own.

Another problem with modifying your helmet is that most manufacturers will void the warranty of the helmet if you modify any part of it. This is a oxymoron IMO, as it doesn’t fit properly in the first place and therefore should be warrantied for fit from the onset. Afterall, they thought that a proper fit is paramount for survival in a crash associated with head trauma. … … I’ll leave the moronic nature of this aspect to those that wish to waste their time on it. Snell and DOT beware! ►lol◄ .. Helmet discussionsare one thing, but helmets that conform to regs are useless if they don’t conform to my head.

You have to make the decision to modify your own helmet. You paid for it, whatever helmet it is. All helmets should tailored to fit after purchase. My jackets are tailored, my race suits are tailored,my seats are tailored, and my helmets are tailored. I even tailor my riding position. It’s akin to modifying a seat for proper fit. The shaping tools are essentially the same, as are the techniques in used in modifying them. Depending on the helmet, you may have to use a sewing machine to re-stitch certain coverings. You may have to replace certain foam types with different density foam. You may even decide to customize the coverings, as some will feel irritating and others won’t. It depends on you and your bio’s.

I’m one that sees helmet discussions and now stays out of them. Rarely, if ever,wouldI take the time to suggest that one modify their precious helmet. I would undoubtedly end-up defending my post for the most of asinine reasons. Yes, some are expensive. Yes, some are not “handily” qualified to disassemble and modify anything they should ever touch. And Yes, safety mongers cringe at the idea of disregarding the Snell, DOT, and Manufacturerwarnings in most helmets that deter modification. It’s not a “modify at your own risk” move, it’s a “modify for proper fit” move. Every racer I’ve ever known tailors their helmet. Why? …because their life may depend on it. Why are we street riders any different? … we are not, and we are in more danger than any track rider. So that, IMO, is no toss-up.

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If it don’t fit right, then why wear it?

Break-out your tools and get to work.

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