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Thing is, I’ve been riding years, and I am one of the most cautious riders. This wasn’t gravel, and there really aren’t any warnings. Not ones that I ignored. There simply aren’t any at all. They just packed everything up and left after paving the u-turn lane and marking it as an exit with a sign indicating a gentle fork rather than anything sharp. The first warning you get that it’s a u-turn is 20 feet from the start of the curve. To make matters worse, the street lighting is adequate before and after. There’s a conspicuous black void right at that u-turn. Wreck anywhere else on the road and people will see you. Wreck there and nobody’s finding you until dawn unless you can call 911 yourself, which I did.

There is nothing safe about this specific feature on the road, at all. The extra stupid thing is that every other place for you to turn around on this highway is a horizontal cross over that’s very well illuminated and very well reflected. It’s this ONE spot that’s different.

And again, I was going considerably under the speed limit, and in fact was going the minimum allowed speed on that road, and if the turn had been marked as the law says it should be, the accident would never have happened.


Table 3D-1 clearly shows that delineator reflectors are to be used on freeways (which this was) for ramps, tangents, and curves (which this was). Given that the u-turn is marked as a (left side) exit, it also should count as a ramp.

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Given that I was going considerably under the speed limit, and the feature in question is clearly in violation of state law requirements for reflectors, and the u-turn is falsely marked as an exit, I refuse to believe that this is entirely my fault, unless you want to argue that relying on a stock 7 inch headlight on high beams instead of putting in an HID or LED bulb was my fault. Even then the blackness of the paved road combined with the blackness of the dirt after it, and the almost complete lack of paved markings, and total lack of reflectors would have resulted in the same thing happening.

At least now I’m not doing doing unfamiliar routes at night unless I can use a GPS to see things like this ahead of time and know that that isn’t an exit like it claims to be.

Mind you, I’m not going to litigate it even though I think I have a fairly decent case. The reason I’m not litigating it is because I’m not sure I’m even going to be staying in the state for much longer. The job I was offered out here died a month after I got here, hence my money issues.