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… i’ve also switched entire light assemblies from side to side, meaning i plugged the driver’s headlight into the passenger side wiring & vice versa. …


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originally posted by pjsblowngt

so i’ve narrowed it to either the ballast or the igniter plug inside the light. … thank you

well, you need to switch the ballast #14 between headlamp shells – switching the igniter #18 is not practical nor required. as you note, the ballast is simply bolted and plugged to the bottom of the shell. its easy to swap – well, after you pull everything apart of course.

if the swapped ballast
writings, then it should be obvious the problem is a bad igniter – and you should review tsb 10-019 headlight remove igniter harness. when i moved my igniter harness from a damaged shell to a new shell, i had to destroy the old shell to get it out. you will not want to do that of course.

the tsb recommends using a special connector removal tool, to disassemble the connector on the end of the ignitor harness, that connects to the ballast box. i did not do that. i simply folded the connector boot tightly around the connector, and used a strip of masking tape. i also taped that boot to a length of safety wire (stainless 0.032 inch) for installation into the new shell.

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so i first fished the wire, then used the wire to pull the harness into place.

in your case, if the old igniter is bad, then just cut the harness to remove it. that is, cut off the connector at the ballast end, and the wiring will easily pull out of the shell. but you really need to carefully observe the routing, so that you can install the new igniter harness.

and when you replace (or put back the original) ballasts, you really need to replace the gaskets (#11,15,16), and also use sealer. since i replaced the gasket, i used di-electric grease as sealer, sparingly only so that it would not evaporate into the inside of the shell. and also grease on the igniter plug/gasket/boot into the ballast.

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