Headlight Guard – Wire Mesh or Clear Plastic?

what is the guard inside a headlight

I put the BMW GSA plastic guard on my GS Sport, it does glare at night, guess I need to get a brow for the headlamp.

I had a wire type stone gaurd on one of my 1150’s, and suffered a smashed headlight from a stone kicked up by a passing truck on the Birdsville Track. I now use the Full plastic version as supplied by Touratech, and havent had a drama for the last two years.

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I prefer the full plastic guard.

Jim Headlight Guard - Wire Mesh or Clear Plastic?

I have the Touratech wire guard on my 06′ 1200GS and the only thing I don’t like about it is the wires cast shadows in the light pattern which I think diminishes the light output. If you have auxiliary lights it may not be a problem but for me having a grid pattern in my headlight is annoying.


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I bought a Wunderlich and couldn’t get it to fit correctly. It clips on and unless everything lines up perfectly, is not very secure. I returned it and got the TT unit. I’ve been pelted pretty good by bikes, cars and trucks and everything has been fine.

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Aug 16, 2002

If you use the TT headlight guard on the 12GS, you MUST also buy the headlight “brow”, or at night, the light is going to be reflected back into your eyes.. it’s a must have piece.

My ’05 R12GS (bought used) came with a wire TT guard. I didn’t like the way the headlight beam was broken up by the mesh, the light pattern on the road had the “mesh” pattern. Plus, I found it almost impossible to clean behind the guard to get the bug splat off.

I removed the mesh one and now use a clear one by Cee Bailley. It passes the headlight beam without significant light output dropoff and is easily removed for cleaning. I had it for a 10,500 mile trip up&back to Alaska and had no rock vs. headlight problems.

edit: After reading Gadget Boy’s post I’ll add that the Cee Bailley clear guard doesn’t reflect (much) light back up. At least it doesn’t bother me. However now that I said that I’m considering adding a piece of small tubig along the top of the guard to see what happens.

Plastic – I have a cee bailey that attaches with 3M dual locs – it’s taken at least 1 hit that would have broken my light.


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Black Sharpe over the top edge will take care of this

I have both, wire on an ’05 1200gs and platic on an ’06 . They both make it difficult to clean the headlights. The original intent was to protect the expensive headlight lens and for that they work well. The posting by xeraux looks like a good compromise. Hopefully passerby hooligan bastages won’t take it with them! If I had it to do over, I’d take a close look at that BMW removable protector.


I thought I saw a ‘pennytech’ write up where someone just put electric tape over the top edge of a plastic guard and it worked great.