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turn signals extend out through the mini fairing from the headlight’s centerline.



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i agree that differing interpretations of flashing headlight signals can be confusing and dangerous.

i am not aware of any headlight which provides a complete solution to the problem of obtaining a full driving light without any dazzle.

headlight glare is very rarely a factor in motorway accidents.

a lighted lamp shows at a considerably greater distance than a reflector, particularly when no headlight is shining on the reflector.

a headlight beam can hit a cat’s eye in the road and bring back an image of startling brilliance to the eye.

on the other hand, some have only one headlight.

how does he know what the filament is in that headlight?

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i think the difference is
who in one case the headlight is dipped, and in the other case it is dimmed.

cars driven at night with only one headlight are dangerous.

will he consider saying in his instruction that all motorists must extinguish their nearside headlight and deflect the offside light?

what people usually do is to put out the offside headlight and blind one with the nearside headlight.

the problem really turns not on whether the headlight is dimmed or undimmed, but on the angle of its setting.

i am told
who so small an error as one degree in the headlight beam can cause dazzle.

secondly, the greater use of the sealed beam type of headlight — almost a commonplace on our roads now— is helping considerably to avoid dazzle.

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