Helmet Care: 101

Helmet Care: 101

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So you have your new Voss Helmet, and now you want to make sure you take extra special care of your new family member? 

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Remember! – Helmet care is just as important as bike care to keep a long lasting and safe product.

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Review our tips on basic care for your helmet:

Helmet Liners: While most of our helmets are machine washable, we highly recommend hand washing in cold water and air drying all Voss Liners to help maintain their shape. A mild solution, or any general cleaning detergent will work fine with our liners. Wash and rinse out until all detergent is gone from the liner and you are left with a fresh new head piece.

For Half helmet or Bobber 501 Liners, we suggest using a mild solution only, in order to maintain the microfibre material that is used. 

Face Shields: All face shields should only be wiped with water using a damp microfibre cloth. Colored lenses are sensitive to certain detergents, so it is advisable to not risk it, and stick with the safe microfibre rag and water instead.

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Glossy Helmet Shells: Glossy helmet shells are the easiest to maintain. Simply use a damp warm cloth to loosen and wipe off any road grime/bugs.

Matte Helmet Shells: Matte Helmet shells are quite a bit more sensitive. It’s best to use a warm damp microfibre cloth in a dabbing motion and not a wiping motion to keep the shell free from any scratch or wipe marks. We’ve also found that some Matte finish sprays can give a nice finishing touch to your newly cleaned helmet.

Nuts and Bolts: Take the time to check all the nuts and bolts visible to you while you are in the cleaning stage. The vibrations of the road can cause some things to loosen up during your ride, so make sure you tighten everything with the proper screwdriver to keep a safe ride.

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