helmet loosen up?

helmet loosen up?
  1. will a helmet “wear in” sort of like a pair of good boots….start out kinda tight and then the padding compresses some?

  2. waco renegade sickle hound

    the foam padding will loosen up. if the cheek pads are tight, you may be able to buy thinner ones.

  3. i bought a nolan 104 and it was so tight it hurt after an hour. after a few weeks of use it loosened up some and it is now snug but very comfortable. yours should settle in to your head as well over time.

  4. i agree that it should loosen up a little, but i disagree that you should buy an uncomfortable helmet and hope it gets better. there are so many choices, find one
    who fits.

  5. most helmets are like a female.

  6. imo: wear the helmet for an hour in the showroom. seriously, for an hour. if you have a splitting headache within this time the helmet may not break in without major changes. of course you can beat down the foam with a broom handle, but that’s not proper break-in. it’s altering the helmet, old-school style.

    but if you just have a “tight / compressed” feeling without any serious sore spots after 30-60 minutes then the helmet will probably break in just fine.

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    this is why i pay the extra $ for the ability to wear a helmet in a showroom. it doesn’t hurt that my local dealer is iron pony superstore. but even they can’t match mail order prices – nor should they have to. they carry stock on the shelves.

  7. +1, every shop i’ve bought a helmet from makes me wear it at least 5-10 minutes to see how it feels. it will loosen up some and they do offer different thickness padding (this may depend on the brand).

    jackets or pants can be a smidge to small/big and you can manage, but a helmet needs to fit just right, like mama bear (or was
    who baby bear???), so it’s worth the few extra bucks to try it on at a store and pay for it there.

  8. i usually get about 20k miles before a helmet packs out a bit too much for me. it then gets relegated to winter use for a few years with a balaclava on before i dump it.

  9. every helmet i’ve owned has fit more loose by the time i stopped wearing it.
    one helmet i was able to get new comfort foam liner for it and it took up a little of the extra space.

    but if you notice a hot spot within a half an hour or so of wearing it, it’s likely that the hotspot will be there for the long haul.

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    i like my helmets to be snug so when i grab the chin bar and move the helmet i can feel it moving my skin all over my head in an equal or mostly equal amount.

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