Help Me Find – retainer clip that holds headlight bulb

BTW, the price for the headlight housing that includes the retaining clips is 455 bucks…. jeesh.

There are quite a few things on this bike that make me shake my head. That nice shiny BMW logo on the fairing? A cool $50!, Need a new side case lid, that’s a cool $500! When I had that freak accident a couple of years ago, it cost the insurance company nearly $13K to put it back into order. If it wasn’t only 8 weeks old I think they would have totaled the bike.



It’s the whole headlight assembly?

Not sure where you are coming from.

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Here is an example:

Car (people mover) KIA Grand Carnival

1) Year one, motor died on the electrical sliding door. Can just be purchased as an assembly. Cost? A cool AUS $2500,-

2) 2nd sliding door died within 6 months later…another $2500,-

Now let’s compare that to the bike:

BMW R1200RT, fully fitted out new: AUS $36000,-

KIA Grand Carnival (top of the line): AUS $42000,-

Thank god the warranty took care of the sliding doors.

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But $5000,- worth of equipment failure in the first 18 months LOL

That’s ignoring the wheel alignment issue that could NOT be fixed permanently as the vehicle has very limited adjustment and to get them to align, they were at their extreme limit of adjustment.

So every three months we were paying for another alignment..on the clock.

So comparing the two in regards to purchase and spare parts cost, the bike parts seem to be reasonable (relative speaking).