high wattage bulbs

high wattage bulbs

Roland added some very good points; I definitely second everything he suggested. His list may certainly read as “overkill,” but that is actually a reason for and not againts going beyond “the reasonably good” safe minimums. With all our vehicles, everything we do, as far as maintenance and repair is concerned, falls in the overkill category. We do practically all our labor, so what we save on not having to spend on shop labor rate allows us to spend some extra on better parts and supplies.

Besides the gauge rating, also pay attention to the quality of the insulation.


Read the info on this website.

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At this site, they specificly mention a scenario with headlights upgraded to 100W.

The owner’s manual for the 2003 Suburban lists bulb numbers 9006 and 9005 as replacements for the low and high beam headlights. Just from memory, I believe 9006 is 55W. The 9006 should be around 65W or 75W. The big difference between stock low beam and high beam bulbs is mainly shielding so that the lamp projects light differently, meaning the low beam application doesn’t blind the on-coming traffic as much as possible.

As far as the alternator is concerned, if I remember reading the brochures correctly, the half-ton models came with a 160A alternator. So, unless you add some other mega-power-hungry apps on the truck, the charging system should be able to handle upgrading the headlights to 100W bulbs.

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Some other websites:

There’s more general info about wire gauges and also a neat voltage drop calculator at this website: http://www.powerstream.com/Wire_Size.htm