How do I keep my bike tires from dry rotting?

How do I keep my bike tires from dry rotting?

– Extreme temps, Sunlight, Chemicals, Moisture, Ozone, Oxygen, and Time. You can prevent tire dry rot by storing your dirt bike in a cool, dark, dry place. You can restore rotted tires, but you have to catch the dry rot early to fix it!

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Keeping this in view, how do you keep motorcycle tires from dry rotting?

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How To Prevent Tire Rot

  1. Avoid Prolonged Sunlight Exposure. Keep tires in a cool, dark area of the garage and avoid temperature extremes.
  2. Take Tires for a Spin.
  3. Maintain Air Pressure.
  4. Age.
  5. Keep Tires Clean.
  6. Proper Motorcycle Tire Storage Tips.

Similarly, what causes tire to dry rot? Inactivity, low tire pressure and excessive heat are the primary culprits that cause automobile tire dry rot. If you notice little cracks running spider-like along the sidewalls of the tires and running all the way to the tread, you may be experiencing a common phenomenon that occurs in stagnant cars – tire dry rot.

Considering this, how do you keep tires from dry rotting?

How to Store Tires to Avoid Dry Rotting and Prolong Their Life

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  1. Clean and dry tires thoroughly before storage.
  2. Keep the tires out of the sun.
  3. Store tires in a cool, dry environment.
  4. Keep each tire in an airtight plastic bag.
  5. Store them vertically or horizontally.
  6. Remove tires from vehicles that you’re storing for a long time.

How do you know if your tires have dry rot?

If one or more of your tires has developed dry rot, you may notice the following warning signs:

  1. Brittleness. Dry rot dries out your tires.
  2. Cracks on the tread. Advanced dry rot can cause small cracks on the outside edges of your tire tread.
  3. Cracks on the sidewall.
  4. Faded color.