How Do Lexus Triple-Beam LED Headlights Work?

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How Do Lexus Triple-Beam LED Headlights Work? 

Are you looking for a luxury sedan that delivers style that will turn heads and premium safety? Lexus will deliver – and it all starts up front with available Lexus Triple-Beam LED Headlights. Armed with available Triple-Beam LED Headlights, models like the 2020 Lexus ES promise to stand out from competitors. Phoenix-area drivers interested in the Lexus brand may want to know – how do Lexus Triple-Beam LED Headlights work? We have the answers right here at Earnhardt Lexus! 

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What Are Lexus Triple-Beam LED Headlights? 

When you are driving home at night on a country road, visibility is at a premium and the Lexus Triple-Beam LED Headlights deliver in style. Triple-Beam LED Headlights feature full-LED headlamps with a three-projector design that creates a distinct L-shaped style that will turn heads on the road and keep you safe. The added benefit of LED turn signals makes your 2020 Lexus IS even more visible in traffic. 

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To make Lexus Triple-Beam LED Headlights even more impressive, an available Adaptive Front Lighting System will help you maintain perfect visibility on dark roads. The Adaptive Front Lighting System monitors steering and speed with a suite of sensors and will automatically adjust the angle of your low-beam headlights to improve visibility on curved roads. Automatic High Beams are another asset that uses a front-mounted camera to monitor traffic at night, detect oncoming traffic and automatically turn your high-beams off when the system is enabled to prevent blinding other drivers. 

Which Lexus Models Are Available with Triple-Beam LED Headlights? 

Do you like the style and functionality of Lexus Triple-Beam LED Headlights? A perfect addition to your automotive repertoire, Triple-Beam LED Headlights are an available option for many of your favorite Lexus models at Earnhardt Lexus. Find out which models are available with Triple-Beam LED Headlights in the list below.

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How do Lexus Triple-Beam LED Headlights work? Find out what makes the available Lexus Triple-Beam LED Headlights a highlight of the Lexus model lineup with this overview by Earnhardt Lexus. Visit the Earnhardt Lexus inventory today to find a model equipped with Lexus Triple-Beam LED Headlights! 

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