How many riders change their own tires

How many riders change their own tires

i change all our tires on our five bikes and on the bikes of several other riders. i sometimes use a car tire on my fjr and just finished putting a car tire on the bike of an austrailian couple who were passing through. that is about as big of a tire you’ll find on sport touring bike. i use a nomar changer and a marc parnes balancer. i also use tire warmers that were designed for racing applications. they get the tires quite hot and that makes working with the tires much easier. changing tires on even the biggest bmws is not particularly difficult once you have a bit of experience and develop some technique. the most difficult tire i encountered was trying to get an anakee 2 off the rear wheel of a f700gs. that little tire just refused to cooperate and this was at a tech day where several experienced prople were available to help. the other hard tire to change was a 15 inch tire on the back of a honda cruiser. so, how big the tire is seems to be less of a factor then how hard the side walls are; that is where the tire warmers really help (or at least warming the tires in the sun). there are some how to videos online that can help and watching experienced people work will also help. i began changing tires regularly on our bikes about six years ago, but i worked in automotive tire shops while in high school and college. i have watched other people work who are much smoother than i, but i get the job done and have all my fingers. when i change the tires for other riders i tell them the
work is waranteed until they start the engine on the bike and i never take payment for changing tires.

take your time, remember heat and lubricant are your friends, where the bead opposite from where you are working is located is all important and be safe.

additionally, if word gets around that you change tires, then you’ll find you have many new friends…….

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