How To Change A Tire

How To Change A Tire

To change a tire safely, be certain to use the proper supplies and routine .

Tire Change Supplies:

  • Spare Tire
  • Car jack for your model
  • Tire air gauge
  • Lug nut wrench for your model

Tire Change 12-Step Process:

1. Wherever your compressed occurs, be surely to pull your car as far off the road as potential for your own base hit. Make sure that you pull the car onto the most horizontal surface area available. once your car is safely off the road, turn off the engine and turn on the venture lights. Next, apply the parking break to prevent the car from rolling. Open the hood to show other drivers that you have pulled off the road for repairs .
2. Place something such as a rock or wheel pulley in front of the opposing rack so that the cable car wo n’t roll .
3. Get out your spare bore, car jack, run down gauge and lug en wrench.

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4. If there is a hubcap on your steering wheel remove it with the lug nut wrench .
5. Use your lug nut twist to loosen the lugworm balmy. This is putting the lugworm testis wrench over a lug en and turning it to the leave to loosen it. Loosen the lugworm nuts in a star radiation pattern ; loosen one lug crackpot and the one opposite from it until all of the lug nuts are slenderly loose .
6. Refer to your owner ‘s manual to see where the car jack should be placed before you jack the car up. Take your tire jackfruit and jack the car up slightly higher than needed to remove the categoric run down and put the newly one on .
7. Remove the lug nuts and put them in a safe stead so you do n’t lose them.

8. Remove the bland tire and exchange it with the fifth wheel .
9. Take the new run down, with the air valve facing out, and place it on the wheel stud .
10. Replace the lugworm nuts by tightening them the same way you loosened them. Make your direction around the tire tightening the stuff nuts in a asterisk design .
11. Carefully lower the cable car laborer and set it back in the cable car. After you lower the car, tighten the lug nuts once more and make them a tight as you possibly can.

12. Put the hubcap back on if necessary and check the air blackmail of your spare with your tire publicize gauge. If the bore blackmail is dependable to drive on, rise in your cable car and you ‘re on your way .
If you have to change a tire, do n’t be alarmed when you see the TPMS luminosity clear or dart after you install the bare. It ‘s just the arrangement ‘s way of letting you know it ca n’t find a TPMS unit in the fifth wheel tire, sol nothing to worry about there .

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note : Any recommendations provided on this web site are general in nature. We recommend that you constantly consult your vehicle ‘s Owner ‘s Manual, the vehicle manufacturer or an associate at your local store for vehicle specific recommendations .

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