How to Carry a Spare Helmet on a Motorcycle? – Helmet Friki

How to Carry a Spare Helmet on a Motorcycle? – Helmet Friki

all of a sudden, a friend of yours calls and asks to pick him/her up at the airport. what a pleasant surprise! but only after you’ve hung up the phone, the idea strikes your mind. how in the world do you carry a spare helmet? 

the answer is, in lots of ways! well, that’s if you ask about how to carry a spare helmet on a motorcycle on different online communities. chances are you’ll stumble upon a handful of conflicting advice from people around the

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to save you from the hassles of manually implementing all those diverse methodologies, we’ve sorted things out. here we present ten foolproof methods of carrying a spare helmet plus some bonus tips for harley riders.

how to carry a spare helmet on a motorcycle

be it a sidekick or the one you’re getting palsy-walsy, all kins and knowns deserve a ride. safety matters equally and that’s where those tips and tricks fit in and pay off.

how to carry a spare helmet on a motorcycle? - helmet friki

motorcycle helmet lock

as the name goes, it’s a lock designed to attach your helmet in a secure position while riding or even when parked. you’ll find them either as a cable or a solid part that has to be mounted to a non-removable part of your bike. use the straps or the face holes to wrap your helmet through the lock to an exposed tubing.

the best helmet locks also come in a format that you can mount behind the rear license plate. all you have to do is replace the old plate by mounting the helmet lock on the chassis of your bike using matching screws. for the license plate, you can always attach it on one side instead of the center.

cargo net

cargo nets consist of elastic chords along with multiple hooks around the corners that can be placed on a secure part of your bike. just place your helmet on the pillion seat and wrap the strings of the net evenly over it. finally, secure it using the hooks with minimum slack so that the helmet doesn’t slip off.

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helmet carrier strap

you can go for the carrier strap in a form that hugs around your shoulder. use the ratchet strip and the spring-loaded lock to secure the helmet at one side of your body. another option is the one that has four straps with a hook at each end. secure the helmet on your bike by adjusting the straps and using the hooks.


caddystrap comes as a nylon strap with two d-rings, using which is quite a child’s play. use the d-rings to attach it with the chin strap of your helmet. the second step is to remove the rear seat. once you’ve removed it, pass it through the caddystrap and tighten. put the seat back, and you’re all done.

motorcycle helmet backpack

these backpacks feature a separate pocket large enough to hold a full-face helmet. make sure you zip it up tightly, and you’re all set to go. as modern helmets use materials as thermoplastic and fiberglass, this method won’t cause much fatigue. however, if your helmet is too bulky, it might look a bit awkward.


saddlebags are a great deal when it comes to carrying small open face helmets. panniers, leather, or canvas, no matter what the material is, you have nothing to worry about if your spare helmet fits in. beware of the fact that if you have a larger full-face helmet, saddlebags typically being smaller might just fall short.

oxford lidlash helmet bag

what you get is a helmet bag with straps. put the helmet inside and wrap the straps under the pillion seat. that’s it! your spare helmet will stay secured on top of the seat. it’s indeed a better option, as wearing a backpack is a bit uncomfortable while saddlebags don’t offer much space.

motorcycle helmet compartment

a number of motorcycles come with a tail compartment where you can easily stash your helmet and keep it locked. weren’t lucky enough to get one for free? relax, as you can always order one that suits your cruiser. besides securing your helmet, their hard-shell case will serve as a backrest for your passenger.

hook under passenger seat

if your motorcycle came with two hooks under the passenger seat, it has already saved a few bucks for you. you can link the d-ring on your helmet strap over one hook. then, set the seatback in place and leave the helmet hanging on one side.

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carrying two helmets at the same time is also easy as pie using this process. however, make sure that the helmet doesn’t rest too loose, as it can scratch your paint or cause damage to the indicators.

on your arm

you can always pass your arm through the chin strap and slide until it reaches your elbow. use the strap to tighten and secure the helmet. as crashing and landing on that arm can leave scars, go for this only if you’re in a hurry and left with no other options. hence, we saved this risky one for the last.

how to carry a second helmet on a harley?

turns out, you can’t use all the above methods. however, options like backpacks, saddlebags, and compartments apply for harleys too. also, grommet style nuts can be installed on your fender struts for a cargo net. though it sounds weird, you can also use a duffle bag to store the helmet when you’re out for a long time.

how to carry a spare helmet on a motorcycle? - helmet friki

frequently asked questions

q: what is the best way to store a motorcycle helmet?

ans: you can use padded bags, hooks or racks, cabinets, or even mannequin heads to store your helmet. however, if you plan to store it on your bike, it will be wise to skip the handlebars.

q: should i leave my helmet on the motorcycle?

ans: you can leave it only if you’ll be away for a short period. for a prolonged period, either take it along or use helmet locks to secure it.

final words

and there you go. we’ve covered pretty much something for every possible scenario. here’s one last tip on how to carry a spare helmet on a motorcycle before saying so long. always prioritize using pre-installed hooks or tie-down straps over anything that needs to be drilled into your motorcycle.


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