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what to do about a broken headlight

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driving down the road and suddenly an old, sleepy, or drunker shattered your car’s headlight with his long-haul truck. thank god for you’re still alive!

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a statistic on ‘how many accidental deaths in the u.s. each year’ shows that more than 40,000 people die in crashes, and 4.4 million get injured in u.s. roadways.

i don’t think a broken headlight is more sorrowful than a broken heart causes due to a family’s loss. you can use a few high-grade materials to fix the broken glass. the most potent thing to operate within all temporary or high gloss fixes is ‘zxmoto headlight sealant,’ ‘high gloss finish glue,’ and ‘flex tape.’

you should change or repair the headlight kit entirely if the damage has been a severe issue. however, we show to fix broken headlights more efficiently in our guide. keep tuned!

how to fix broken headlights (method 1)

we often change our headlight’s bulbs as it is quite an easy process to do, but how to fix broken headlights if the lenses are damaged?

firstly, you should check the damage and measure how serious it is! mostly, the damage happens between a small crack and extensive damage. you better know if your headlight’s cracks are repairable or not! if it looks repairable, start with our “method-1.”

things required:

it would help if you had something’s to go through the first method of fixing broken headlights, and they are-

  • a top-grade headlight washing kit
  • microfiber towel to rub over the lens
  • next level / premium super glue/ silicone sealant

step: 1

the first thing to fix the headlight lenses is cleaning the damaged or cracked area with a headlight/glass washing kit. using a washing kit and then cleaning the lenses with a sponge or microfiber towel will eliminate all specks of dirt, dust, and grime from the plastic surface. after cleaning the glasses, let them dry for a while.

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step: 2

you can use a small amount of car polish on the damaged area for a complete cleaning process. it depends on the cleaning process. if necessary, do it.  applying car polish helps the sealant to stick accurately.

step: 3

at the next stage, it would be better to cover the headlight lens with masking tape. it will protect the headlight area from additional damages or glues.

step: 4

what are you using as the solution kit? it can be a thin strip of clear silicone or loctite epoxy. you must seal the cracked headlight with a sealant gun and leave the headlight to set for overnight.

step: 5

once the sealant is dry, please check if the headlight looks acceptable than before; you may find the cracks even out the area. in case a quality car wax makes the headlights look shiny like a new headlight kit.

expert’s comment:

a famous answerer of quora & carfictions, creig hogg said, repaired his motorcycle headlight lens with uv-cured proxy. i don’t know how it works; still, i saw people appreciating him over the social platform. more than that, the headlight is still intact to patch small cracks. however, he recommended replacing the entire headlight if the headlight is entirely damaged.

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how to fix/replace broken headlight housing (method 2)

as i have said, u.s. drivers often face an accident on the highway, and it becomes necessary to fix or replace a headlight assembly. it sounds complex, isn’t it? yeah, setting the headlight housing is more complicated than changing the light bulb. people consult a professional to fix the housing, and it becomes expensive by cost. let’s check how to replace or repair an entire headlight assembly more proficiently.

you’ll need:

  • a new headlight housing or assembly
  • wrench and screwdriver set
  • screws and bolts leveler

step: 1

while going through the process, it would be necessary to detach the front bumper to logging into the headlights. for logging into the headlights, loosening a few bolts and screws is mandatory. some modern vehicles allow opening headlight housing like plug & play function. typically, the bumper is structured with 2-4 bolts. loosening the bolts will remove the bumper from the place to get the broken headlight out of the space.

step: 2

after removing the bumper, the next task is to access the headlight assembly. use a plastic connector catch to disconnect the interior (bulb) cables. inside the interior pack, you find three screws around the top and one on the bottom. remove the assembly!

step 3:

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now, it’s time to install the new headlight assembly in the space. before installing the new one, we recommend cleaning the dust, dirt, and headlight housing entirely. you’ll receive instruction along with the new headlight assembly. follow the guide! make sure to install the connection very tightly. after installing the headlight housing, please connect the correct light to the beam.

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how to fix broken headlight bulb (method 3)

we have shown fixing broken headlight lens, headlight housing before, and this time, you’ll learn to fix a broken headlight bulb more effectively. the pro of replacing the headlight bulb is straightforward and affordable. you can do the replacement by hand. let’s see what you’ll need:

  • a new headlight bulb (led, hid or halogen)
  • headlight cleaner
  • hand tool kit or screwdriver
  • protective gloves and goggles

step: 1

you see all headlight housing contains a headlight bulb in it. you’ve to unmount the accommodation and access to the bonnet. you need a screwdriver to unscrew the bolts, or some vehicles have plug-and-play options for easy headlight access.

step: 2

after unbolting the headlight housing, it would be necessary to detach the headlight assembly’s power cables. it will disconnect the bulb’s connection with the vehicle. now, the bulb should be removed from the assembly.

step: 3

have you bought a new headlight bulb? you can install the bulb in the place easily. when installing the bulb, be careful wearing safety gloves to avoid dirt or rubs from the new bulb. a cleaning wipe will remove the lint. however, a new bulb shouldn’t be washed for the very first time. install it naturally. during the installation process, reconnect the wires to the plugs accurately. you can test the light after installation. you’re all done!

how much does it cost to fix a broken headlight?

you have to decide between the replacement and the repair option to fix a broken headlight. the repair takes around $100 if you do it with the best headlight repair glue. here we recommend ‘goop automotive adhesive’ as the top automotive adhesive solution. the broken headlight housing needs a handsome budget depending on the car’s make and model. it needs $500 or more to replace the headlight housing.


how to fix a broken headlight? we have shown three important topics like fixing broken headlights, headlight housing, and headlight bulb. you can see specific steps to solve the headlight puzzle.

having headlights in a vehicle is like a fragrance to the flowers. you shouldn’t leave the headlights broken. fixing them will allow you to see more brightly.

you can try fixing your headlights on your own, or else professional charges a high price for the work. why don’t you make it good today? read us specifically

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