How To Get a Scratch Off a Motorcycle Helmet

How To Get a Scratch Off a Motorcycle Helmet

motorcycle helmets may become scratched with normal use. scratches may be light on the surface or deep scratches in the finish. plastic polishes can be used on motorcycle helmets to remove or fill scratches. polishes for plastic products can be found in many automotive stores or motorcycle stores. after a scratch has been repaired, a protective plastic coating can be applied to repel dust
who can cause fine scratches.

how to get a scratch off a motorcycle helmet

shake the bottle of plastic polish to ensure that the polish is well combined before use. ensure
who the helmet surface is free of obvious dirt and dust.

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saturate the soft cloth with the first step of plastic polish. the first application fills large scratches.

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apply the polish to the scratches at a right angle. rub the polish firmly onto the surface in smooth back and forth motions. stop polishing once scratches are removed.

remove remaining polish with a cloth.

apply the second step of plastic polish to remove small scratches. rub the polish into the surface in a circular motion and allow it to dry. it will appear hazy when completely dry.

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rub the hazed surface with a clean and dry soft cloth. this will buff the surface and restore shine to the helmet.

things you’ll need:

  • two-step plastic scratch remover, such as novus polish
  • soft, lint free cloths


for small, light scratches, a one-step plastic polish can be used instead of the deep scratch two-step polish.


  • test a small area of the helmet to ensure that the polish does not harm the finish. plastic polishes should not be used on coated plastics.

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