How to Install Aftermarket LED Tail Lights for Your Car, Truck

How to Install Aftermarket LED Tail Lights for Your Car, Truck
Installing LED Tail Lights is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your cable car outside. not merely this, in addition, the LED buttocks lights will provide your a clean, custom front. last but not least, the LED lights tend to last much longer when comparing with the traditional tungsten filament bulb from unconstipated tail lights.
Swapping broth fag end lights for LED chase lights is not that difficult like it might appear. Simply follow this easy step by step scout to have the LED tail lights added to your ride and let other envy for what you have.

Step 1 : Remove factory tail lights assembly. The dock lights for most cars are plainly bolted on from the inside of the trunk. You equitable need to remove the proboscis carpet cover and un-bolts the buttocks lights. lento move the loosen tail lights a little by a little to have the tail lights removed wholly. Do not hurry on this pace, because you might break any clips that are used to hold the chase lights from inside.

step 2 : Remove all the clean bulb from the factory tail light house and disconnect any wire harness connected to the tail light fabrication a well. I will recommend you use the scotch blue tape to write down the twist signal lights, brake lights, backup lights and put on each set of wires so later when you put them back, you wo n’t get confused.

step 3 : Take your LED tail lights out from the box and try to put the fag end lights back up merely to make certain this is the correct part/side before you put all the bulb back in.

pace 4 : Connect the aftermarket LED tail lights with the factory wirings. For most LED fag end lights, for example the ones we carry at, most of the sockets and plugs are already designed to be simply punch and play. however if there are any difficult wire required. Simply connect the stock red telegram to the LED tail light red wire, and black wire to black.

pace 5 : earlier have the LED tail light wholly bolt-on back, test it first. Test the bracken light, test the turn signal light and test the backup lights to make sure everything works. If unfortunately one of them does not work, inspect the connection, because this is the most common reason for a lamp not lighting up.

Step 6 : place the LED tail lights back into the original tail lights locations. Use the blue tape to hold the tail lights if you are doing this by yourself or have your buddy hold it for you so you can bolt it back. Do n’t bolt the screw completely tighten in, because you want the stern clean to wholly back to the proper place, then tighten every screw.

tone 7 : That ‘s it and enjoy your aftermarket buttocks lights !

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