How To Lock My Helmet on My Motorcycle?

a quick one…what do you do with your motorcycle helmet on reaching your destination?

do you carry it with you? or do you leave it on your motorcycle just like that?

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after spending a few hundred or 1000plus bucks on that motorcycle helmet, the last thing you want to imagine is a thief making it away with it and sending you back to the market to buy a new one.

luckily, there’s a way to make your helmet secure and theft-proof.

(and it’s not about carrying it with your wherever you go—that’s too inconvenient).

you can lock the helmet on your motorcycle and give the unwanted hands a really hard time trying to take it away.

in the following post, you’ll learn how to lock your helmet on your motorcycle and have peace of mind knowing that no thief will take it away from you.

how to lock your helmet on your motorcycle

leaving your helmet on your motorcycle unlocked is a sure way to get it stolen by thieves. the moment you leave it unsecured in the parking lot might be the last time you’ll see it.

how to lock my helmet on my motorcycle?

if you lock it on your motorcycle, however, thieves will have a hard time wrestling it from the bike.

“but what exactly do i use to lock it to my bike?”

a nice question…

you can use various types of locks to lock the helmet to your motorcycle. the locking options you can use are listed below:

  • built-in motorcycle lock (if your bike has one)
  • a padlock
  • aftermarket motorcycle helmet
  • bicycle chain-lock
  • pistol lock (yes, it can work too!)

each of these lock options will help you reliably secure your helmet to your bike. and what option to use is all up to you.

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next, we’ll discuss how to use each of these locks to fasten the helmet on your motorcycle…

1. using built-in motorcycle lock

this may sound like a surprise to many bikes, especially the new ones, but most motorcycles do come with a built-in lock.

how to lock my helmet on my motorcycle?

depending on the model of your motorcycle, this lock can either be a separate keyed lock or a hook situated right under a lockable seat.

the only problem with these locks is that they work with helmets with a d-ring style helmet fastener.

if your helmet features other styles of fastener, like the quick-release ratchet-lock chin strap, then it’ll not work with your bike’s stock lock.

to use this helmet, you simply pass your helmet buckle through the lock and then snap it shut.

it’s that easy!

if you do it correctly, a thief who tries taking off your helmet will end up damaging it in order to steal. no thief would like to carry it in damaged form, right?

2. using a padlock

if your motorcycle lacks the factory helmet lock, then you can use a regular padlock as a cheap and easy way to lock your helmet onto your bike.

how to lock my helmet on my motorcycle?

you just need to ensure the padlock you use easily fits around a suitable place for fastening the helmet on your motorcycles, such as handlebars, part of the bike frame, or a footpeg.

to use a padlock to secure your helmet is quite easy.

you simply pass the helmet buckle through the lock and then lock it to your bike.

as you can easily tell, this method is the same as using your motorcycle’s built-in lock. and for a thief to steal your helmet, they’ll also have to damage it.

3. using motorcycle helmet lock

the best and most secure way to lock a helmet onto your bike involves using a helmet lock—a device specially designed to deter thieves from making away with your motorcycle.

a typical lock usually comes in a small, lightweight design. most of these locks feature a wire (a strong cable) that you use to secure your helmet. the locking mechanism for this lock can either be a combination code or simply the keys.

how to lock my helmet on my motorcycle?

right now, the market is filled with all types of helmet locks, so you’ll need to take time to choose the best motorcycle helmet lock for your bike.

the good news is that a helmet lock doesn’t cost you a lot of money, so it’s accessible to all riders.

once you find the perfect helmet lock for your bike, this is how you use it to lock your helmet:

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thread the rubber-coated cable through the bottom area of your helmet and out via the visor opening and then secure it to your bike frame or any other suitable part.

after proper threading, lock away your helmet using the keys or a combination code (for models that come with this type of lock).

unfortunately, you can’t use this lock to secure helmets that come with an open visor. likewise, the open face and half face helmets can’t be secure with this lock because they have no space for passing the cable through.

4. using bicycle chain lock

if you have a bicycle chain lock that’s lying idle in your garage, you can also use it to lock your helmet on your motorbike to ensure thieve don’t take it off.

how to lock my helmet on my motorcycle?

the benefit of using this locking method is that these chains are usually long, so you’ll have no problems putting your helmet on a clean place after locking it on your bike.

moreover, the extended length means you can pass the sleeve of your motorcycle jacket through it as well and secure it alongside your helmet.

using a bicycle chain lock is pretty much similar to using a helmet lock. you start by threading the lock cable through your helmet’s bottom part and the open visor area and then lock it to your motorcycle frame.

how to lock my helmet on my motorcycle?

5. using a pistol lock

a pistol/gun lock presents you with a cheap and easy way to secure your helmet onto your bike and keep it from getting stolen.

if you don’t have one already, you can get one from your local police department for free or buy one (costs around 10 bucks). or you can ask your friends or relatives who might have a spare gunlock

to use a gunlock to lock your helmet, you simply thread it around your helmet chin compartment and then place the lock to the frame of your bike, around your preferred spot. and that’s it—you’ll have peace of mind everywhere you go!

important: you’d want to avoid resting your helmet over the gas tank as the vapor escaping through the gas cap can damage the eps liner of your helmet and make it less effective.

lock it! save it!

the best way to save your helmet from getting stolen is by securing it your motorbike with a lock. this is much easier and more convenient than carrying it with you everywhere you go. you can fasten the helmet using one of the locking options we’ve provided you above. if you do it correctly, thieves will sweat trying to get it off and they’ll just give up and walk away.

using an aftermarket helmet lock specially designed for this
work is your best bet if you want maximum security for your helmet. you can read this article to discover more about these helmet locks.

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