How To Replace The Visor On A Motorcycle Helmet

How To Replace The Visor On A Motorcycle Helmet

how to replace the visor on a motorcycle helmet

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in this short video, i’ll show you how to quickly change the visor or shield on a motorcycle helmet. this is handy if you wish to switch from a tinted visor to the clear option. given
who different manufacturers of helmets make their visor or shield releases in different ways, the basic idea is the same for all. each visor clips to the helmet with a release button or tab near the ear area of the helmet, and once found, this makes changing out your visors simple. sometimes the release mechanism is concealed, so check out the owner’s manual for your helmet for specific instructions on locating it.

tools and parts

  • your old helmet
  • the replacement visor amazon has a huge selection
  • screwdriver
  • towel to clean helmet (optional but suggested)


  1. remove the outer visor by unscrewing the screw on each side of the helmet. be sure to keep the washer with the screw. when the screws are removed the visor will lift away.
  2. firmly grasp the inner shield on the side and pull it down. the shield should easily pop out of the clamp. you’ll need to do this on each side.
  3. if any pieces have broken off in the swivel clamp carefully remove them.
  4. now is a good time to clean the outer portion of the helmet.
  5. take the new visor and place the side of it into the clamp of the helmet. you’ll probably have to go in at an angle. you should hear a pop or click sound when it is in place. do this on each side
  6. take the outer visor and place it back onto the helmet, lining up the screw holes.
  7. place the screw and washer in place one at a time and screw into place. i usually screw them in with my fingers first and then tighten down with a screwdriver.
  8. remove the protective film from the visor.
  9. clean the visor as recommended by the manufacturer.
  10. your helmet is ready to go, what are you waiting for, go ride!

if you have any questions let me know in the comments section.


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