Smooth braking: 3 tips to help you brake seamlessly and like a pro

Smooth braking: 3 tips to help you brake seamlessly and like a pro
smooth braking
We ’ ve all seen how professional drivers or racecar drivers can perform smooth braking manoeuvres .
They stop on time and stop on a dime .
And unless they slam on the brakes, their passengers won ’ t even feel like the car coming to a stem.

If your passengers have ever complained that they feel like they ’ re in an SBS bus while you ’ ra force, you need to improve !
The good news is that you don ’ t have to be a professional driver like Frank Martin in The Transporter to perform smooth brake .

Tip #1: Anticipation is key and easy does it
Smooth braking relies very much on anticipation and situational awareness .
If you can see that traffic ahead is slowing down, start moderating your speed .
gently ( never on the spur of the moment, unless it ’ s an emergency ) lift your foot from the accelerator pedal .
The key is to lower your car ’ s focal ratio then that it takes less braking baron to stop it .
Jerky, SBS bus-like hard stops are a consequence of drivers carrying excessively much accelerate excessively often .
If you ’ ve ever noticed, they brake at the end hour and the solid bus feels like it ’ south straining against a collar .
You should besides keep your distance from the car in front .

This ensures you ’ ll constantly have enough room to complete the brake maneuver .
Close calls are always accompanied by roughly brake patterns.

Tip #2: Heavier vehicles mean longer stopping distances
This sounds like a no-brainer, but many drivers however forget this fact of physics .
If you have five people in a sedan, your stopping distance is going to be longer than if it you were alone in the car .

therefore, you need to give yourself extra room to stop in time .
Again, anticipation is critical. If you witness traffic direction up front slowing down, moderate your speed .
Lower your car ’ s speed so that you can stop in good time without being hard on the brake pedal .

Tip #3: Brake, release and brake again
This one-third tap to smooth braking takes a while to master .
basically, as you come to a freeze, you should ease your animal foot from the brake bicycle .
This does not mean lifting off the brake pedal wholly !
What you want to be able to do is come to a accomplished period using the lightest brake imperativeness possible .

And when you come to a halt, you then put firmer pressure on the bracken bicycle to hold the car, as you normally would.

If done correctly, your passengers will feel the cable car gradually slowing down and coming to a catch without that awkward tug forwards and backwards ( like an SBS bus ) .
Keep practicing these three tips and before you know it, smooth brake will become irregular nature !
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