I applied car tire shine to my bike tires after cleaning

I applied car tire shine to my bike tires after cleaning

i have a funny story about this:

many years ago, many years, a co-worker of mine had a new specialized stumpjumper. white, steel, xt top of the line but the fact was he never rode it. just bought it because we worked in a bike shop and mountain bikes were the new craze, heck even jerry had one hanging in his apartment and the red hot chili peppers rode them and went to bike trade shows in la, but i digress. he decided that he would sell it, get some cash, maybe buy one of the new carbon fiber epics that were just released, so in his spare time he disassembled it, cleaned all the parts, new cables, polish, wax and buff.

the last step was to hit the tires with a squirt of armor all, carefully so he didn’t get any on the braking track. he smartly avoided the seat though, didn’t want to make it slippery. he then brought his bike up and showed it off to all us floor staff.

“ooo, very clean, looks almost new” we exclaimed.

he decided he should give it quick ride in the alley to make sure that all the gears and brakes worked before selling it. as he headed out he shifted up and got up to speed, running up the cog, slowing a bit he began to turn. the alley was moist, a little rain or something had left a puddle that traffic had spread down the alley, but he avoided the puddle because his bike was too clean to chance that. unfortunately he hit that little moisture that was there and like bambi on ice, down he went.

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when we all recovered we ran over to him, his clean bike had slid under a parked car, the downtube was dented, the paint was all scratched up, a grip was torn and the saddle was gashed. his elbow was hamburger, head was cut, wrist was sore and raspberries all down his leg.

so he never sold the bike he didn’t ride. paid for his mistake with flesh and was then humiliated when the most senior bike master mechanic said “you put armor all on the tires? why the hell would you wax your tires?”

so lesson: just as you would not grease, oil or lubricate your tires, neither should you wax them and armour all is a wax straight and simple”.

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