ILM Stealth Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Modular Flip up With Sun Shield

ILM Stealth Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet Modular Flip up With Sun Shield

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excellent quality, superb customer service and very good value for money.

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my recent purchase of a red stealth helmet was a wonderful experience all round. at first when they realised it would be too impractical and expensive to ship it to australia with the battery they immediately gave me a refund. however the overall style and design was more important to me than the bluetooth function me so we went ahead and shipped it without the battery, they even offered me a price reduction which was greatly appreciated. delivery was prompt and i am very, very happy with my purchase. their communication was excellent. these people are fantastic to deal with and have my unconditional recommendation thank you and best regards rudi from palm beach australia

i bought two of these ilm modular with integrated bluetooth for myself and my wife. two weeks ago we were involved in a crash and while injured , we received no head injuries. both helmets were taken by our insurance company to insure destruction as both received some significant deep scratches. i am certain massive head injuries/death would have occurred without them! now as to the bluetooth/intercom, it works fine at low speed but at highway speeds it is difficult to hear the speakers clearly. this helmet is the best value for the money in a modular helmet and is crashed tested for safety.

first bike first helmet. size : i wear a 7 3/8 hat and the large fits perfectly. design: flip up face
writings well. visor
writings well. sunshade ride close to nose but works well. bluetooth: sound quality isnt great for music but phone calls work well. the bluetooth button does not let you control streaming media, you cannot skip tracks. overall happy thus far, hopefully i will will never have to test its ability to protect my head from injury.

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got xl size but smaller then other xl helmets i have with flip up front hurts head due to tightness tried to stretch it out a little but still uncomfortable

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