Is a headlight visor just for looks?

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you’re actually quite correct… for their original function, that is.

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original headlights found on a courier’s bike before, and during wwii, had rather simplified reflector headlamps, which did not direct, focus, or “shape” the beam of light (think low-tech, wide-beam flashlight). the visor (one of several styles used) was installed to restrict/reflect the beam from too much light in an upwards direction, thus keeping light from shining high on structures, which would aid recon or bombers in identifying targets at night. if all your visible light was low to the ground, and limited in “power”, you did not run the risk of your headlight spotting potential targets for the enemy. keeping light low to the ground was also essential to keep from announcing your position to ground-forces, because light shining high in the trees as you ride by would be an easy way to locate your position visually (when they couldn’t tell where you were by the sound of your motor).

another method used on bikes and other vehicles (in wartime), was to cover the headlamps with “baskets” which only allowed light to pass through a small, rectangular opening/slit, which blocked light from shining high, low, or wide, but you could see directly in front of you!

today, the visors are just another retro-looking add-on. and yeah… i like the way they look

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well…finally an honest answer. unless this is total bs as well. lol

i’ll have to do more research for now on before i ask questions. lol.

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