Jacket armour: how tight/loose? How much does yours move around?

Jacket armour: how tight/loose? How much does yours move around?

after many years of riding, i still seem to struggle to find jackets where the elbow armour stays in its place and doesn’t move around too much. of course i appreciate
who a pressure suit or any kind of suit/shirt with a very tight, next-to-skin fight and in-built armour would always be better than having the armour in the jacket, but it’s not always practical, and motorcycle gear is always a compromise.

so my question is: how loose or tight is the elbow armour in your jackets? how much can you push and move it around? i’d imagine that, unless you have secured the armour directly to your arm with very, very tight (and not particularly comfy) straps, there will always be a bit of loose movement, but i struggle to understand how much would be too much.

i have tried jackets where i could easily push the elbow armour all the way to the other side, to the elbow pit (where a nurse would typically draw your blood), and that’s always been a deal breaker, obviously. however, even in the best-fitting jackets i have tried, if i pushed hard enough i could still move the armour around a bit; if i am in a riding position and i want to test the fit of the left elbow armour, then with my right hand i cannot push it downwards
who much, but, if i push upwards hard enough, i can still move it enough to leave a part of my elbow uncovered. does this happen to you, too? i’m afraid this is precisely the kind of movement
who would happen if i were to fall forwards, with my face facing the floor.

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maybe it’s just a matter of size? some protectors are wider than others, but it’s not always possible to replace a protector with a wider one.
the ce standards distinguish between type a and type b protectors in that the latter cover a wider area, but, even within type b, there can be big differences. e.g.:

d3o t5 evo pro x: 130x221mm https://www.d3o.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/d3o-t5-evo-pro-x-.pdf

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d3o xergo: 118x249mm https://www.d3o.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/d3o-xergo.pdf

knox extreme part 363: 190x 275mm https://www.planet-knox.com/product/knox-extreme-ce-protector-part-362/

the difference between the 118-130mm width of the d30, vs the 190mm of the knox, is quite substantial! the last jackets i tried and which had loose armour were, in fact, klims with some d3o armour, so i’m hoping i wouldn’t have had this problem with wider knox protectors. for the americans, 130mm = 5.12 inch, and 190mm = 7.5 inch.

i think my build is rather average: 179cm (5’10.5’’), 85 kg (187 lb), with what i’d think are ‘average’ arms (not the biceps of a body builder, but not super skinny). i could certainly do with shedding a few kilos 🙂 but i don’t think my build is particularly odd.

i also prefer having adjustable straps, rather than an elasticated cord with two buttons (e.g. like in most of rukka’s jackets) to tighten or loosen the arms.

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i find shoulder armour easier, in the sense it’s easier for me to find jackets with a good fit on the shoulders. what i notice makes a big difference is a two-way zipper on the jacket: if there isn’t one, unless the jacket is very short (like a racing jacket), it’s quite common for the jacket to bunch up, pushing the shoulder armour up and away from my shoulders, sometimes even banging against my helmet when i turn my head sideways.



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