What Your Parking Brake Is For

What Your Parking Brake Is For
There are a lot of parts to a car that we tend to take for granted. They ’ re there. We may use them from time to clock. But we rarely think much about them .
That defines the parking bracken absolutely .
The parking brake is designed for what its list suggests : to add excess security to your fomite when it ’ second stopped, resting, and you ’ re away from the car. Of course, that ’ s not it ’ s only routine. Which is why it is sometimes referred to as an hand brake brake, e-brake, or pass brake excessively .
When you think parking brake, think safety. That ’ s what it ’ sulfur designed for. But what is its true function ?

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Let ’ s start at the begin .

How does a parking brake work?

A park brake is a separate of a cable car ’ second braking system. It connects to the rear brakes, and when engaged, engages the vehicle ’ randomness primary braking organization with less pull .
Looking back at history, the parking brake was an important character of the brake system. It was designed to give a driver another option to stop the car if, by gamble, the hydraulic brakes fail while driving .
What Your Parking Brake Is For On modern cars, however, the parking brake is rarely needed in that circumstance. That could be why the name has morphed over time from the emergency bracken to the parking brake .
While your primary brakes operate through a technology-driven hydraulic organization that gradually brings your cable car to a diaphragm, the parking brake is designed to hold your car in rate .
nowadays, we use the parking brake as an extra caution for keeping our vehicles inactive while parked. This can be a big profit when parked on steep inclines or declines .
As our vehicles get more sophisticate, the room systems operate is changing besides. In general, there are four different types of parking brake systems. You can check your owner ’ randomness manual to confirm what comes equipped on your vehicle .

  • Stick lever – on older cars, you’ll find this located on the instrument panel
  • Center console lever – this is located between the two front seats
  • Foot pedal – this is located on the floor on the left side of the pedals
  • Push button – with newer cars, you’ll find the parking brake can be activated by a button located somewhere on the console

When should you use your parking brake?

As the diagnose implies, a parking brake should be used whenever you park your cable car. Whether you drive with manual or automatic transmission, the parking brake adds extra security when you walk away from your car .
While some will tell you that parking brakes are more important when you park on an slope or worsen, others will tell you it ’ sulfur evenly significant to use it no matter where you place your vehicle. Your braking system uses a device that keeps your brakes locked and engaged whenever you put your car into parking lot and walk away. however, failure can occur, and it ’ s not good the brakes that can cause the problem. If the gears aren ’ t engaged, it can cause your cable car to roll, even on what appears to be a flatcar surface. Engaging it each and every time you turn off your car ensures your car stays where you place it .
here ’ s a point for reducing the try on the drive gearing. If you are parking on an ramp or decline, leave your foot on the brake pedal as you move the gears to park military position. Before you take your infantry off the brake pedal, engage the parking brake besides.

Have you ever let your foot off before engaging the parking brake ? Have you felt your cable car jolt forward or back as it adjusts to sitting on an dispose ? That action over clock time can damage both your transmission and braking systems. That means dearly-won repairs before their time. Engaging the parking brake first prevents this action from occurring, protecting diverse systems throughout your vehicle .
When you ’ re ready to drive, start your locomotive, press down on the brake pedal to engage the bracken system, release the parking brake, and then move into drive. Driving with your parking brake on can damage your vehicle .

Why is a parking brake important?

Get into the habit of using your parking brake every fourth dimension you stop. It gives you added constancy while your vehicle is nonoperational. While this can be significant to keep your fomite stable while resting on an slope, there are other circumstances where this is significant excessively .
For case, if you ’ re sitting on a interfering street or in a parking fortune, and person hits your vehicle, the parking bracken decreases the gamble of it rolling, increasing the likelihood of damage .
It besides keeps your car in overall estimable working condition. If you don ’ triiodothyronine use parts, they start to wear. A parking bracken that is rarely used can stiffen, corrode, corrode, dampen, and wear down, meaning it ’ mho less likely to work when you need it most .
Like every part of your car, it ’ mho significant to have the park brake regularly inspected to ensure it ’ south in proper work condition .

Potential problems with your parking brake

While parking brakes rarely stage problems, you may likely find yourself in one of these situations :
Parking brake fixed – ice can cause the parking brake to freeze when it ’ s in truth coldness. Leaving the engine play for a few moments can start to heat your car and make the internal-combustion engine melt. If this doesn ’ t melt it, you can find which wheel it ’ randomness connected to, and melt the ice with a hairdryer .
Rust or corrosion – over clock time, corrosion or rust can infiltrate the mechanism inside the parking brake, making it harder to work until it freezes raw. It might be unmanageable to diagnose without having it towed in. You can apply and release the brakes a few times to see if you can disengage it. Shift between reverse and drive to see if it loosens up the debris enough to take the parking brake off. If not, your entirely choice is to have it towed and repaired.

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Engaged excessively hard – when people are in a rush, they much make flying movements that can hurt more than help. That ’ sulfur often the case with the parking brake. If you pull up excessively hard, it can jam it. Pulling with all your strength can get the brake shoe stuck in the bicycle drum. It can stretch out the cable that runs from the wheel to the brake handle enough that makes it impossible to disengage. If you ’ ve hear and can ’ metric ton release the parking bracken, it may be time to seek avail .
Whether you have a motion about a specific trouble, or merely need an inspection and check up to keep you on the road safely, we can help .
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