KTM VIN#s – for insurance purposes

strange indeed… i have the 530, and also state farm… my monthly bill is about $20 for liability, comprehensive/theft and the uninsured motorist stuff…

you going full coverage? that was another $120/year for me, but i opted out… figured its a dirt bike, it’s gonna get thrashed, and i doubt i’ll be making a claim each time i go down… so i went for minimum coverage + theft.

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minimums on full coverage here. comes to 36.56/month or 190.37 for 6 mo. which is the premiums for the 530.

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it should be at 22.50/mo. and 135.48/6 mo. for the 450 (quoted to me before state farm got ahold of the vin) which would come to about $110 extra that i will be paying per year unless this gets cleared up! what the heck, right!

mine shows a 450 as a 530 as well. strange. might have to contact my dealer for the correct cyliner to be installed!

thanks curt… i guess i’m not the only one. i wonder if this is a typo on the part of someone in charge of vin assignment? there should clearly be a designation for the 450 vs 530 that has been screwed up. i believe it is in the digits 6-8 on the vin. “the next five digits, four through eight, describe the vehicle. the specific use of these digits differs from one manufacturer to another.” – http://auto.howstuffworks.com/vin.htm

i’ve searched for ktm vin # designations and have come up with almost nothing. my search came up with some stuff for older bikes, but nothing in the last few years.

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curt, like you, i thought to myself that maybe ktm was generous enough to shove in a bigger motor as a little bonus! pffffftttt!!! yea right. you know someones laughing somewhere! maybe the insurance companies set up a conspiracy!

well, i will report back if i or my insurance company finds out anything on this!

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