Led’s in highway light bar instead of halogen




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Well, here’s the problems that I have with the LEDs.

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First, having H3 & H4 LEDs is certainly is not the same thing as a flood light having the same base as a number of other household light bulbs. In most household applications, you have directions and physical limitations that do not permit the use of a flood in place of a normal household light bulb, nor is the flood light marketed to do that, as a “replacement” bulb.

One of the reasons that automotive bulbs use different bases/receptacles, is to prevent the use of improper bulbs. Having an H4 base on an LED simply and deliberately bypasses that safety feature.

Second, since LEDs require a special housing to put out H4 or H3 filament equivalent lumens, LED makers and vendors should provide the housings and appropriate information, not pretend that their offerings work in a standard MC or car bulb housing as they do now.

It’s a big safety issue, not a trivial matter, IMO.

edit: As a side note, if a special LED housing can take an H3 70 lumen LED and equate an H3 35 watt filament bulb by putting out over 900 lumens of light down the road, that is a VERY impressive trick.

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no one said it did… True high power LEDs lay down a lot more light than just 70 lumens. They can easily lay down well beyond 900 lumen, they just need the proper equipment to keep them living/lasting as has been mentioned several times in this thread already.

An LED putting out 70 lumen is not going to require any kind of cooling at all… lol.