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8 tips to help you achieve the perfect burnout

Why does my dog bite tires?

Biting tires is a dangerous pastime for a dog. In addition to injuring themselves, they could also injure the person driving or riding. Of course, if they damage the tire, you are responsible for repairing

8 tips to help you achieve the perfect burnout

What should I do if my bike gets a flat tyre whilst riding?

There’s few things worse than realising you have a flat tyre. Maybe it’s just my luck, but I always seem to get them at the worst possible time. Not only did a flat tyre once make me late to my first day at a new job, but even worse, a flat tyre was the reason

changing tires on roadking – Harley Davidson Forums

General Harley Davidson Chat – changing tires on roadking – I removed the rear tire/wheel assy the other day to get a new tire installed. Took it to a local tech and he mounted and balanced it for $150. Just wondering if anyone here replaces their own tires and if you can do it by hand as easy as the oem manual shows?…

How to clean white wall tires.

 You guys may already know this , but I just discovered a great way to clean and brighten my white walls on my Road King. I use 0000 steel wool and dish soap. Now my riding buddies have stop giving me crap about my white walls.

Tire wear analysis please

Hi all, I bought a 2014 GTL with 6000 miles on the clock around Dec 2014. It had just had new tires put on (Michelin Pilot Road 3’s). It currently has about 11,200 (give or take) on it and the back tire looks like it needs replacing, but the front doesn’t show nearly the wear. Can you look…

Front Tire On Backwards

I bought an 06 Ultra Classic earlier this year and noticed the front tire was on backwards. I have left it that way, Because I was worried it might come apart if I turn it around. The tire is in too good of shape to replace just yet. Would it be safe to turn it around?

Basic motorcycle maintenance

How to look after your motorbike and help keep you a safer rider. Get advice on basic maintenance. Includes checking oil, tyres and coolant.

8 tips to help you achieve the perfect burnout

Buyers’ Guide: Motorcycle Tire Pumps

Keeping the Rubber Side Round They are one of the few pieces of motorcycle gear that you’d be happy never to use, but if you do find yourself needing a tire pump one day, you’ll be beyond happy you made the investment. Flat tires are an unfortunate fact of life for motorcyclists. Sooner or later we

8 tips to help you achieve the perfect burnout

Understanding Motorcycle Tire Wear

When is it time to replace tires? What is a heat cycle? How does inflation cause cold and hot tears? Find the answer to these and other tire wear questions.

Well learned my lesson with shinko tires – Harley Davidson Forums

Wheels/Tires – Well learned my lesson with shinko tires – My 95 ultra was in need of a back tire i came across the shinko site saw the 230 touring tire liked the looks so i emailed the company to get some more info on the tire. To my surprise the guy emailed me back with his number to call him so he could answer any…

8 tips to help you achieve the perfect burnout

Counteract for MOTORCYCLES | Counteract Balancing Beads

Cuando se instala el producto Counteract en el interior del neumático, las microesferas Counteract se distribuyen uniformemente en su interior a través de la fuerza centrífuga a medida que éste gire. Mediante la fuerza que ejerce el punto desbalanceado, aumenta la vibración con movimientos constantes hacia arriba y hacia abajo. La inercia hace que el producto busque el lado opuesto del punto pesado equilibrando y comenzando a generar una adherencia electrostática hasta lograr un balanceo completo.

8 tips to help you achieve the perfect burnout

Slicks vs street tires

For my track bike, am I better off with slicks or street tires? I know I’m not riding at a level that exceeds the capabilities of my street tires but would I help or hinder my learning curve by fitting slicks on the bike? I’m working on a second set of rims for the bike so I can have both types…

8 tips to help you achieve the perfect burnout

How old can tires safely be?

My brother just bought a used 1998 EX500D. The bike has a pair of pretty good-looking tires on it which have tons of tread left – I’d say greater than 90%. The wear bars aren’t even close to the surface of either the front or the back. I believe that the front is an Avon and the rear is a Dunlop…

8 tips to help you achieve the perfect burnout

Dunlop Tires Cupping | Wilkins H-D®

Wilkin’s H-D® is a Harley-Davidson® dealership located in Barre, VT. We sell new and pre-owned Motorcycles from Harley-Davidson® with excellent financing and pricing options. Wilkin’s H-D® offers service and parts, and proudly serves the areas of Montpelier, Northfield, Williamstown and Washington.