Motorcycle Jackets

12 Most Important Things You Should Look For In a Motorcycle Jacket

When you are thinking about buying motorcycle jackets there are some basic things that you should look for in a jacket. comfort, protection, durability, style, and price. While there are many brands and companies which offer these features and Viking Cycle is a prominent name offering the most in the least price. Whether you are finding a jacket for your next cruise trip, to wear it on the race track or to go with dirt bike these features are a must have in your jacket. Circling around these features here is our list of the top 12 most important things that you should look in a motorcycle jacket. These are not listed from most to least important things because it depends on your riding style. 

Biker patches meaning – Corbeto’s Boots Blog

Biker culture has always been bound to customization concept. Not only applied to the motorcycles in themselves, but to the same bikers. Those create their own image choosing a certain type of helmet, jacket, boots, etc. But if there is a true distinctive element in the biker culture, they are the biker patches. In fact, […]