Car hesitates and stalls and idles bad

Car hesitates and stalls and idles bad
2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse August 08, 2017 Asked by



I merely bought a 2003 Mitsubishi Eclipse gs 2.4L and this is my first car and it ran great when I first bought it. Got it cheap though sol I was wondering what could be truly wrong and why such a good deal … about 2 weeks subsequently after buying it and getting newfangled brake disks, the cable car turns into dope. The guy doing my breaks plugs a code read and says “ it ‘s pulling up that there ‘s a miss fire ”. The thing is, I walked into the the plaza with the car running all right. I did n’t have issues till he told me. so I walked out of there thinking he ‘s making it up, there ‘s no way I can have problems with a new car.. but I leave the corner and I step on the flatulence to the shock to get a effective feel and that ‘s when I feel the car bumble and basically feels like the accelerator is breaks. When I pushed it down the car slowed down and the RPM ‘s was struggling to go up, sounded like it was getting forte but was n’t going anywhere. So I pulled off to the english of the depend on and was pissed and called everyone I knew that might have an idea. My first thoughts was that this guy messed my car up because I walked in there with a great car and left with a badly one.. but after that, I made it home. And I let the car sit for a day and the cable car ran good. The car runs o when slightly putting your foot on the gasoline and slowly going faster but if u wanted to put ur infantry down on the gasoline it would stutter a set and then after a while possibly 3-5 seconds it will start to in full burst into a sports cable car manner haha. But the bumble sounds atrocious and feels like breaks for a bit. I was starting to get practice to this issues and was deciding “ okay the car runs okay american samoa long as I slowly go on the accelerator and not to the floor ”. But then soon after I start the realize how bad it started to idle and it started to stall on me. And now it has a bad start up. Usually it ‘s 1 miss fail and then I turn the key again and the 2nd time it works very well. But one do n’t know if that has to do with this. I took the cable car to my friends and tried cleaning the MAF and it got stuck at my friends house and the car would n’t start, and if it did if I put gasoline on the cable car it would stall, and it would idle hard and give out soon after. I had to get it towed haha. Sounds like fun. But my dad restarted the calculator on the car somehow and the car ran okay after that, but not second to its normal submit. Just back to its “ slow boast peddle ” state. I cleaned the restrict body and the MAF censor and it runs a little better after that incident but still hesitates when going on the gasoline hard and idles badly when at stop lights. sometimes stalls but I can feel it going badly so I put it in parking lot and it sounds better, I just put it back in force arsenic soon as the light is green and im fine. I have even to clean the IAC valve because it ‘s heavily to reach to. But I plan to get there to see if that helps. I besides want to mention, the car has a bad fuel neck. When I pump gasoline, it just leaks out at least 20 % of it. I noticed that the neck is pretty rusted besides therefore I plan on getting that replaced but I have no mind if that could lead to any of these issues, possibly having some corrode stuck in some bathtub. I have no idea. besides want to mention that there is no engine check inner light on as of the moment. 2 replies

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