A Brand New Matchless

Ippy's MumThese photos date from 1949 and feature Ippy’s mother, June Payne, and her then boyfriend, George, out about on his 1948 G80, affectionately known as “Possum”.
The pics are very cool and it was a shame to just leave them lying around in the back of some cupboard so here they are for you all to enjoy.

June and George were members of the Central MCC – based around the Coogee/Maroubra area. Every Friday night the guys and gals would head to the showground to watch the speedway racing – she loved the smell of the Castrol R. 
Ippy's MumOther nights would find them at the clubhouse, which June thinks was either in Coogee or Maroubra. This is where they would hold dances or just hang out.   Girls used to always ride pillion to the dances in their dresses. And the fact that wearing a helmet was not compulsory meant that their beautiful pin-curled hair would stay intact. 
Ippy's MumGeorge wouldn’t let June get her own bike (not quite sure why) but she was allowed to ride his whenever she wanted. She was also on hand on maintenance days. It was her job to make sure that none of the bike’s gears disappeared from the nature strip when George had his bike pulled apart.


Thanks Bec for sourcing this, and to Ip’s Mum for the cool pics & sharing the memories.

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