On-Car Rotor Resurfacing

On-Car Rotor Resurfacing
One of my front-runner pieces of shop equipment is the on-the-car brake lathes. not only does they resurface the rotors to the center line of the rack bearings, they speed the job up in some cases. Its a win/win situation. Click here to Read More On-Car Rotor Resurfacing I remember the earlier models of on cable car lathes that were a arrant pain to set up. not with today ’ s equipment, they are painless if you know wat you are doing. There are several hub-mounted models on the marketplace, but the basics are the lapp .
I start by removing the little push on retainer that is used to hold the rotor in place at the factory before the wheels are bolted on.

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I do that for a couple of reasons. One is therefore that there is no find the retainer can interfere with the quality of the car wax. The other reason is equitable to give the adjacent technician a flying ocular address that the rotors have been resurfaced at least once .
On-Car Rotor Resurfacing The future step it to mount up the lathe ’ sulfur hub adapter. At no time should there be an impact wrench used here .
many times, these adapters even have such a admonitory found on them .
And they ’ ll besides have a torsion specifications listed adenine well to warn against over torquing. I ’ ve worked in shops where person thought they could use an shock on these american samoa long as they were careful. then one day the adapters just crumble from fine cracks in it that were caused by over On-Car Rotor Resurfacing torquing. These adapters are expensive. I ’ ve seen them run between $ 300.00 and $ 500.00 dollars each. The well new is however, ampere long as they don ’ metric ton abused, they never wear out.

All of the nuts should be used around the arranger and tightened evenly by hired hand .
On the hub of this model of lathe is an alignment pin that must be observed when mounting the machine to the adapter .
On-Car Rotor Resurfacing Once the car is pushed up to the adapter with the conjunction pin by rights engaged, there is a hand operated sleep together in the center of the car ’ south drive diaphysis to tighten .
This is a hand node, which means it merely needs to be hand tightened. Please, leave the giant star pair of tongue and furrow pliers in your cock box for this footprint, they are not needed. Some lathes have a nut and draw bar, use only the provided wrench.

On-Car Rotor Resurfacing After this measure, this machine shown here will adjust itself. equitable ballyhoo it in, push the reset clitoris, and then the start button. The digital expose starts by showing the run out of the mount car, then adjusts down. Some models have a “ plate ” that is between the arranger and lathe that the operator adjusts. After the adustment for runout is performed, the lathe will give you a green light to cut. Some new lathes have “ Anti Chatter Technology ” that oscillates the machining amphetamine of the lathe and eliminates the buildup of oscillation ( chatter ) that can occur when machine at a specify amphetamine. now, barely like a workbench lathe, the cutting bits must be set for cutting astuteness and run to the fabrication surface of the rotor cheeseparing to the hub .
On-Car Rotor Resurfacing This car has a hand crank shown here to run the cutter blades to the hub with .
This knob on this machine is spring loaded and telescoping. It engages the crisscross fertilize drive aim when it is set to “ dad ” inward as seen in the video. This makes the machine cross feed and cut .

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