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I’m totally new to this forum, I have an 06 TSX, tech pack. I have the same problem mentioned here, the driver side headlight turned pink. I’m a pink kinda girl, but the headlight…not really. So, I got the lights replaced by a friend. BUT…hours later the same light is pink again. What do I do? Is this something only my dealership can handle? HELP.

You probably have already resolved this issue. A pink headlight usually indicates that the bulb is dying. So either the new bulb was defective, or maybe your friend accidentally touched the glass of the bulb.

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…can you guys direct me to detailed instructions how to do it?

Just got Philips + for my 06 TL.


This is the TSX forum, not the TL forum. I don’t even know if the procedure is the same. For the TSX, it goes as follows:

1. Twist the white cover behind the headlight counter-clockwise. The cover might be locked by a security screw, though, and will need to be removed. The screw is there to prevent theft, but many TSXs, including mine, don’t have them installed (or maybe the dealer removes them for us).

2. Inside, you will see a round silver thing. Twist it counter-clockwise and remove it.

3. What you have left is the bulb which is kept in place by a u-shaped swivel pins. Push both sides forward (toward the front bumper), then to the side. It will then rotate down.

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4. Remove the bulb.

When installing the bulb, make sure you match the two notches on the base of the new bulb with the pin on the headlight unit. The first time I installed it, I did it by feel and thought it was properly installed. The lights barely lit up the road, and my cutoff was jagged and fuzzy. Yesterday I went back and re-seated the bulbs (this time I used a flashlight and physically verified that the bulb was in the right position). My cutoff is now clean and the entire road lights up. The lesson I learned is that it is possible for the bulb to be installed incorrectly; just a millimeter or two will improperly position the bulb.

To install the new bulb, just do the above steps in reverse order. When installing the silver connector back, be sure the wire on the passenger-side doesn’t get caught, and also make sure it is fully locked.

The first time I installed new bulbs took me like 30 minutes. I went slowly, and the u-shaped pins were being stubborn and I was afraid to break them. The second time it took me like 3 minutes per side. While going fast, I discovered that I could move the windshield wiper fluid back toward the cabin and it would detach from its mount. This made it alot easier…I didn’t have to contort my fingers/hand/wrist to make sure the bulb didn’t touch anything.