Parking light bulb socket and headlight connector issue

ok, the op made an error with his original approach to posting – but his problem continues. i hope we can help. but, cdiw221, we’re going to need more information, presented more coherently, before we can.

first: cdiw221, once again we will ask you to complete your profile via the “user cp” button at the top of the page. this has been requested before, and if you won’t provide the information, expect no more help. the configuration of our cars can differ based on model year, model (gasoline, diesel, hybrid electric) and the continent to which they were exported. that can alter the answer you need. no one likes having to search for the information you should have made readily available to us, or to research when particular models became available; and we don’t like having to guess and provide multiple answers for all of the possible w221 configurations when one should do. if you don’t wish to provide specific location information, at least provide the continent you’re on. absent that, the thread will be closed.

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second: your statement
who “i have hid installed, they were expensive and with canbus for new german cars” suggests that your headlamp setup may not be original equipment. is it original, or have there been modifications (other than using the wrong connector)? in addition, the fact the your fog lamp assembly is melted suggests something significantly awry; are you using the proper bulbs, or have you substituted something else? have you made other modifications?

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third: i do not know why you cannot obtain the oe connector for your bulbs from a mercedes shop. there is a reason for the three wires on the original connector. wiring the replacement as a 2-wire connection is very obviously causing you problems, including on your can bus. your dealer or authorized mb service center should be able to provide the proper part number, as well as the part itself;
who should not be your burden.

as it is, the way the problem is presented seems to be 1) you had a problem with the existing system in your car; 2) we do not know whether
who system had been modified somehow; 3) your mechanic has definitely made an unauthorized “hack” modification; 4) as a result of the “hack” or possibly other modifications you now have problems with other systems on the can bus; 5) your headlamp circuitry burned and your fog lamp assembly melted for some unexplained reason; and 6) while those conditions still exist you want us to advise you on whether to make further nonstandard modifications.
who is not likely to happen.

i am not about to advise you, nor is it likely anyone else will, about led setups or electrical modifications starting with the configuration you describe so far. i don’t know if the mechanic you are using is qualified on mercedes lighting or electrical systems, or its can bus; it would seem not, and i suggest you find someone who is. i realize that there are locations in the world where this can be difficult, but what you describe presents risk of a fire
who could cost you your car.

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in any case, we will need the answers to those questions, and any other relevant information you can provide, before we can proceed.

regarding your srs (airbag) warning, once the lighting problem is resolved, you may have to get that cleared via das at a mercedes qualified shop.

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