What Parts Are Replaced During a Drum Brake Job?- Pawlik Automotive Repair, Vancouver BC

What Parts Are Replaced During a Drum Brake Job?- Pawlik Automotive Repair, Vancouver BC
mark : Hi, it ’ second Mark from Top Local Lead Generation and we ’ re here with Mr. Bernie Pawlik of Pawlik Automotive in Vancouver ; sol far 16 time winners of best car repair in Vancouver. If you want your seat, if you want anything serviced on your car, these are the guys to see and we ’ rhenium going to talk about drum brakes nowadays. How ’ ra you doing Bernie ? Bernie : I ’ megabyte doing well. stigmatize : So what parts are replaced during a drum brake job ? Bernie : excellent question, so drum brakes are quite a bite different than phonograph record brakes which we talked about in our last haunt. Drum brakes they actually, rather of having a brake rotor and a brake pad they use brake shoes and a brake drum so I ’ ll just get correct down to looking at some pictures because they say a picture is worth a thousand words. so I apologize, this is a very bantam little picture, about the best I could find but it shows, you see the brake cram and I know it ’ second little to look at, you might need to get your recitation glasses or magnifiers out but the brake barrel, that sits over the brake shoes and the steering wheel is bolted up to the brake drum so I ’ ll fair act on past this picture. There ’ s an exemplification basically of what is inside the brake barrel, so these are stationary parts, they sit stationary, the drum rotates around the brake shoes. The bracken shoes I ’ ve marked with the loss arrows and these are a frictional material like a brake embroider, they ’ re designed to wear out but they wear out at a slow rate so that ’ south, that ’ s the main component that wears out as they press against the bracken drums so like a brake rotor which wears out over time, the drums besides take mistreat and wear and brake drums normally need to be machined or replaced. normally with drum brakes we can machine them more frequently than with brake rotors, they tend to last longer, there ’ s often less at stake with cram brakes because most cars use drum brakes on the rear unless it ’ s a truck where there ’ s a set of burden on the back. Drum brakes are actually equitable to provide a identical belittled amount of braking to a car but it ’ sulfur important to keep the car stable and slow it down but they, they don ’ t take the maltreatment and wear that disk brakes do so we can often machine the drums, they frequently take identical little clothing but just machining them thus there ’ s a nice smooth flat coat.

so some of the early parts that I ’ megabyte pointing out in this exemplification, the green arrow points to a very authoritative component, that ’ s the wheel cylinder ; now this is kind of like the caliper on a magnetic disk brake. The roulette wheel cylinder actuates the brake, it ’ randomness connected to the master cylinder, there ’ s fluid flowing through it when you push the brake bicycle, there ’ mho pistons in the steering wheel cylinder that are forced out, they force the brake shoes against the brake drum and that ’ s what slows your car down. The yellow arrow points to the self-adjusting mechanism, these are different in many different type of brake systems but all, all phonograph record, all drum brake systems with one exception which I ’ ll spill the beans about late have self-adjusting mechanisms because as the brake shoes wear they have to travel further and further into the brake drum and if they don ’ t have a self-adjustment mechanism the brake pedal goes lower and lower to the floor finally you may not have any brakes at all ; so that ’ randomness why the self-adjustment mechanism is there. The blasphemous arrows period to the brake hardware, these are springs, hold down pins and items that generally get replaced when we replace the brake shoes, they stretch and move all the time and tend to wear. then those are the major components of the drum brake arrangement and as I said the shoes wear most frequently along with the drums needing to be resurfacing or substitute. mark : So out of all these parts which need refilling ?

Bernie : well the bracken shoes. Most normally the items where the red arrows are pointing, the brake shoes will about always need surrogate. The blue sky arrow items the springs and hardware need replacement, the self-adjustors normally last a long time however, they do need, they do need servicing and that is a key part of any brake speculate that we do. We constantly take everything aside, we clean it, we lubricate it, because these parts be active just subtly but it ’ south significant that they have the proper lubrication. chump : There ’ s a black arrow there, you didn ’ triiodothyronine note anything about that. What ’ second that pointing to ?

Bernie : Yes, that, very good point. That ’ s the parking brake lever ; so many, many drum brakes, most drum brakes are found on the rear of cars these days, they haven ’ thymine used drum brakes on the front of cars since credibly the very early 70 ’ sulfur. So the park brake is actually a mechanical system and it has cables that connect to the pedals or your lever that you pull in the car and that black arrow points to the lever that actually pulls the brake shoes so it fair, it precisely mechanically pulls the brake shoes against the drums. set : So is there any extra serve needed for the parking brake ? Bernie : yea, so the park brake, one thing we do with the brake inspections is actually audit how the park brake is working and when we take the drum off we actually move, pull the parking bracken pry, push it to make certain the cables aren ’ t seized because the cables will seize up occasionally and that will cause the brake shoes to wear out but other than that it ’ second largely just requires that the lubrication that we do with any brake military service. talk of parking brakes there are a lot of vehicles that have four steering wheel magnetic disk brakes, we ’ ll consumption a drum brake entirely for the parking brake and this is a much simpler than the illustration that you ’ rhenium looking at in that it has the lever, it has the shoes and it has an adjustment mechanism but it does not have a steering wheel cylinder as it ’ s not hydraulically actuated so it ’ s a much simpler version than this, doesn ’ t need service identical much, you know if you have a car that ’ sulfur 10 years old you may never need to do a servicing on the parking brake, truly depends on, we equitable broadly look at these, if it needs to be serviced we do it or if there ’ s some problem with the brake then we ’ ll replace it .

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