Question – 1990 Headlight Switch Wires




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So there seems to be a problem with the headlight switch on my 1990 Chevy 2500. The taillights/dashboard lights won’t work unless I keep pressure on certain part of headlight switch. After removing switch I see the the clip is corroded and can get taillights to work intermittently by jiggling wires. Although there are more pins on switch (Part number D1561D) there are only four wires going to it. A yellow, a red, a brown and an orange. I expected the yellow to be hot from batt and red hot from ignition switch (Not sure why, I think im remembering those colors from radios or something) but when I test them (I only have test lamp, no multimeter) the red and oranage are hot regardless of key position. Brown and yellow are not. When I connect a hot wire to brown wire my tail lights/dash lights turn on and a hot wire to the yellow turns on head lights. My question is: If im going to just insert switches I have lying around, does it matter which hot wire I attach to which set of lights? I could not find a wiring diagram anywhere for the switch. Thank you for your time!!

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