r/motorcycles – How best to listen to music on a motorcycle?

r/motorcycles - how best to listen to music on a motorcycle?

i always ride with earplugs in on my commute to work and its starting to get a little boring. are there any tips or tricks to listen to music with my earplugs still in? or any recommendations for effective noise cancelling earphones?

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r/motorcycles - how best to listen to music on a motorcycle?

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sena smh10 intercom. far better than using in-ear headphones for many reasons. they stay in place so no faffing with cables and ear buds, they can’t move when in place so the are never uncomfortable/become uncomfortable, the control functions are much easier should you need to pause etc, and you get enough background noise to hear important things while riding. (unless you use earbuds in which case all you’ll hear is a 1% wind buffeting and 99% music.)

plus you get all the added functionality of a top notch bluetooth intercom system. which is nice.

the reason i say smh10 > smh5 is i have the 10 and have never had a single problem with it and a friend has the 5 and it’s nothing but trouble. plus the speakers are a bit weaker on the 5’s. basically i think it’s worth the extra money for the smh10.

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i’ve owned both, the 5 has more wind noise, shorter range, and less clear voice/acoustics.

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· 8y’89 ninja 250

my mom loves this headset. it’s even better if you have a riding buddy with one, because then you can communicate. i’m still learning to ride, and we use them all the time so she can help me figure out what to do.

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· 8y’04 ex250

i have the smh10. i’m pretty unhappy with the volume of music over bluetooth.

around town it’s fine, but once you hit highway speeds with earplugs in, it’d not loud enough for me. intercom volume is good though. a little googling will turn up a bunch of people who agree.

i’m still pretty happy with my sena, overall, but people should be aware of the music over bluetooth issue.

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· 8y’05 sv650s

i use a sena smh5 bluetooth headset. no messing with headphones, automatically pairs with my phone, very quick and easy to change a track, choose playlists, raise and lower volume, full phone functionality via siri, intercom, etc. great product, worth every penny.

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if you have the cashola, spring for the smh10, it is much improved over the 5.

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· 8y2005 v strom 650

i used mine through two summers and one winter. best investment ever! i love it!

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· 8y’13 honda grom

personally i use these shure se215 and the wire going around your ears keeps then perfectly in place and the sound cancelling is amazing

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· 8y’09 triumph street triple r, ’01 yamaha xjr400 (sold)

i’ve been using the same earbuds for the last year and i can never use it without a balaclava. how do you keep the loop staying on the ear when putting the helmet on?

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scala rider g9/iphone-combo.
writings great and lets me answer calls too.

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· 8y’09 bmw f800gs uk

i use a scala q3. i love the fact that it changes volume depending on the speed you’re travelling (unless i’m going mad) super easy to use, answer calls, and manually change volume on the fly as well.

although, the provided “ear phones” kinda sucked so i just plug in my own.

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· 8ycbr250r

i’d suggest this too, i’ve recently stopped listening to music while riding (just didn’t feel good) but when i did the scala rider did its job well. i’ve still got it attached in case of phone calls and to intercom with my buddy when we go for rides

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· 8yri 2014 fz-09[red](fastest color)

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· 8y09 ninja 650r united states

i’ve a pair of bluetooth headphones that i’ve only been able to use on a few occasions. the biggest problem i came across other than many (many) riders disliking the distraction of music, is the fit under the helmet., i finally found a pair that mostly
writings from jaybird. for reference i have a hjc cl16 helmet, which might be a good helmet but has horrible wind/road noise. this means i have to play with the volume a bit to find the perfect balance between ‘can still hear the enviorment’ and ‘can still hear music about the wind noise’. i do it at stop lights or just pull over.

a friend of a friend has used the scala rider headset for music, has the same helmet,and highly recommended it. that is the way i would have went, but i wanted headphones that could be used on and off the bike.



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· 8y1982 honda cm450 custom | 1996 yamaha xj600 seca ii

i have a cl-16 as well. and i use the lg tone (hbs-700) wireless bluetooth, it’s in ear, and work awesome. it’s also only 60 bucks. the sound quality is amazing, and they last 6-8 hours as well.

you do have me beat on sweat, and a warranty though, mine are not waterproof, or sweatproof.

i will say, the price is right for what i need though.

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· 8y2007 ducati monster s2r 800

wow – $170 is a bit steep. is the sound really worth it? how is the battery life? do you get 8 hours out of it?

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i currently use these: jabra sport bluetooth stereo headset – black/yellow http://amzn.com/b005fvnhbi

the only downside is that if the phone/device is too far from the right headphone,that has the receiver, the connection will drop in and out. if your have your phone/device in your right pants pocket or right jacket pocket there’s no problem.

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· 8y’14 cbr600rr

i bought a uclear system it’s pretty sweet

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· 8ystreet triple, street triple track, harley cafe

another vote for the smh-10. had one for two years and it’s great.

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· 8yktm 640e

i bought in-the-ear headphones that have silicon ear buds.

my rational is quite straightforward: because i would wear ear plugs anyways as the bike and wind noise is so loud, and the silicon buds do almost all the same work as ear plugs, i might as well have some tunes coming out of my ear plugs.

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· 8y’04 america, ’02 vfr800, ’82 750 maxim

ear buds or in-helmet speakers.

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