Run Reviews Autumn 2001

The past Spring/Summer season kicked off with our annual ‘Ride with the Rockers’ in September, another large turn out lined the street at Darlinghurst’s ECA Bar, until our kind and compassionate friends the parking cops decided we all had to move.  If that wasn’t joke enough, for those that didn’t comply, the (real!) cops were eventually called.  Now you’d have to be a real arsehole – with about 50 bikes parked – not disrupting traffic in anyway or harming anyone – and obviously just a temporary meet before heading off … even after explaining it was only an annual club ride meet event and we were all leaving in 15 mins – it made no difference to our over powered but obviously seriously frustrated friends with no sense of humour?? (may their children grow up to be nothing better than used car salesmen – riz)  After that bit of fun the day went off without a hitch, a very pleasurable ride up the ol’ road to Mt.White and then Brooklyn Hotel for lunch.  Nighttime had the cool show at the Empire with DJ Mick Phantom & bands Creepers, Alohas & SatelliteV, who all put in a fantastic performance to top off another great day.  Big thanks to all these guys for helping out and making our day a memorable event, also thanks to Robbie for all the hard work behind the scenes.

Gav’s Bonneville (replete with trophies)

The week after was the 3rd ‘Made In England Breakfast Run’ to Sutton Forest, organised by a couple of Brit bike enthusiasts.  This turn out was bigger than ever now that this run is starting to become well known around the classic bike scene.  Another perfect sunny day that saw the huge Brit bike group tearing off down south and up Macquarie Pass and finally to Sutton Forest Inn for a delicious Southern Highlands breakfast.  After spending some time checking out the great selection of classics, it was back to Sydney via the coast to end another excellent day of ‘cruizin’.
Octobers highlight was the Colo River overnighter campout.  Another great turn out that saw the group heading northwest on a perfect day via Windsor for lunch, then up the Putty Rd to Colo.  After a quick stop & stock up on supplies it was off to find our ol’ haunt down by the River to set up camp then the girls went for a swim, while all the ‘men’ … (ah yup – riz) collected fire wood.  Then followed the usual fun night around the campfire of singin’, slingin’ & spinnin’ yarns & other various antics.  The next morning had most of the group follow Jaime on his overland track that included wonderful bush land, a river crossing and lots of soft dry sand.  Niki ‘Springsteen’ couldn’t help but kiss the ground sliding out in a sandpit on her legendary 250 Yammy.  Fortunately there was no serious injury except for a few bruises and sore bones.  The poor Yammy copped the most of it with smashed headlight & indicators, bent front guard & severely twisted front end, but nothing the closest gumtree couldn’t fix to get us back on our way.  Then it was a leisurely ride back to Sydney to end another top weekend away with the Ton-Ups – Big thanks to Jaime for organising this great run (PS Didn’t get to see the Colo Moon this time, but we were looking!)

The legendary Marge & Martin proving that Marge’s Matchy still runs.
(When the TUB’s stay in Nowra they choose to stay at M&Ms Guest House)

November had the annual Norton Day at the new St.Ives Showground, a very impressive turn out with some rare and classic machines.  Always a good day to catch up with some old and familiar faces in the classic bike scene.  Two Stroke Scruffy Pete’s socially friendly noise & smoke machine decided to give up fighting – and after pulling out the spark plugs found the rats had been at the ol’ screamin RD Pistons – so another call to our now ‘first name basis’ Ghost Riders pick up service (thanks guys!)  Heavy & consistent rainfall mid November cancelled the planned Rodeo at Camden, but there’s always next year!

Rebel Restorations kindly invited us up to the workshop again in December for a combined Christmas BBQ.  A good sized group headed up north via Mt.White (again) to be greeted by Maxine and the friendly Rebel Restos crew on another fab sunny day.  These guys had the show under control with the Creepers pumpin out the tunes in the Garage, Lois working the Barby and Gary & Adam showing us around some of the cool projects & modifications currently underway.  A great day to catch up with some old friends and just enjoy the atmosphere around cool cars & bikes a this hot rod workshop.  Big thanks again to the whole Rebel Resto crew for the invitation and another excellent day.

Jaime’s Bonneville

After the busy & festive December & a New Years drink or two (or 3 or 4 …hic) at Arby & Rizzo’s the 2001 year kicked off as usual with the legendary Nowra Overnighter in January.  An impressive turn out at Café Martini on a beautiful Summers morning had the group heading South for another top weekend .  The first roadside repairs came just out of Sydney when a sprocket nut worked loose on a 900SD Ducati, but being a Ducati – it was nothing a large hammer & cold chisel from a passer-by couldn’t fix.  Next stop was Kangaroo Valley (via Picton) where we met up with our Southern Nowra Contingent and our 3 friends that rode all the way out west from Eugowra (2nd year!).  By now it was getting quite hot so we were all keen to make Nowra & hit the waterslide & pools.  Marge & Martin (from M&Ms Guesthouse) were waiting as usual with their very warm & friendly welcome.  Afterwards was the customary backyard Cricket Match with Australia Vs ‘The Rest of the World’, followed by the fabulous dinner put on by Marge & Martin.  Then came the standard nighttime activities of wild drinkin, playing pool & Juke boxing.  The one minor mishap when a ’61 Bonnie modified his forks to a 45° angle with the back of a ’96 Rodeo, while only being next day cruise home was via the coast that again ended another great T.U.B. weekend.  Although there was about 2k’s from home.  Apparently the Bonnies don’t handle bad at all with such a rake angle.  Big thanks again to Marge & Martin for being such wonderful hosts and putting up with us all, also to Arby & Riz for putting this run together – Read on for Arby’s Nowra review.

Nowra 2001 – A Road Odyssey


Saturday saw a brilliant morning on top of what had been an ordinary weeks weather.  I was even more impressed to see everyone at the Café including Sharon & who made the trip all the way from Dubbo.
After coffee & brekkie we took off on our normal route to the Southern Highlands.  The first and only hiccup was from the Italian contingent, when a gearbox sprocket became dislodged on a 900SS Darmah Duc.  This didn’t hold us up too long and we were soon at the first drinks break at Picton.  Susie was happy to jump in the back of Di’s Capri convertible for the leg from Bowral to Kangaroo Valley (maybe it was scraping her boot going through a roundabout that did the trick!)
This has got to be my favourite stretch of road – going down the Barrenjoey and Cambewarra Mountains.  We are slowly becoming old adversaries!  The road takes full commitment if you have any pretensions of riding it fast and has beaten me more than once.
At the lunch stop at The Friendly Inn we headed in a few different directions seeking our culinary delights after meeting up with Nowra Les & the boys from the Central West – Mick, Tim & Grant.
Satisfied bellies, we headed for M&Ms (I was grateful that no one heard my high-tone squeal after pitching my ’76 Bonnie into the side of a cliff and sliding up the tank) – where we were greeted by hosts Marge & Martin who always make us feel very welcome.  Some of the group headed across to the pool for a swim while others started the Cricket Match or just kicked back with a ‘cold one’ before it was time to hook into the mighty fine barbequed feast put on by Marge and Martin.
After dinner we partied into the early hours drinking, catching up, playing pool & watching the Tennis on the box.
The next day the group headed back up the coast sporadically.  I, nursing a hangover, left in the last group.  I quickly recovered when I came across John pulling his ’61 Trumpy off the back of a cars bumper bar.  Thankfully, no one was hurt except pride and wallet.  Summer does seem to bring those girls out wearing skimpy tight clothing – hey John!  His Bonnie had performed so well too, after a top-end service has kept the motor spotless.
All in all it was a top weekend away and I look forward to doing it all again next year (except the hangover!).  Arby.

Next came the annual Ton-Up Racing Poker Benefit night in Feb to support & raise money for our racing team.  Although the numbers were down on previous years and the Trusty dealer Novo was no where to be found (Novo where are you??)  We still had a fantastic night with our usual loyal & hard-core supporters raising over $200 for our racing team.  I know it’s not much – but at least it’s something.  Baz put on his famous BBQ banquet for all to enjoy, that included his legendary marinated Octopus, and also chef extraordinaire, Rebel, contributed 2 large & very delicious pasta salad dishes (thanks heaps Rebel!).  This year the honoured trophy was taken from the Devil Dolls – in the last hand by Johno who accepted the delicately sculptured, twisted, warped & snapped Con Rod, with pride.  This rod that once lived in Rays racing motor & let go at Oran Park now lives happily on his stereo, and is a reminder of what these poker benefit nights are all about.  Big thanks to everyone who showed up for support, also to Lew for donating the bottle of black label poison and especially to Baz for the delicious food and for letting us trash your place!  Until next year… (we’ll get you next year fellas – won’t we girls! – riz)

The season ended off with the recent Cessnock overnighter in Feb. that saw a good size group meet up at Newtown’s Café Martini on a beautiful sunny morning.  The morning ride took us up the familiar ol’ road with the usual stop over at Mt.White, before making our way to Cessnock via Wollombi along one of our most picturesque and enjoyable local roads.  Karl was waiting and joined up with the group on his Caff’d Beeza just after Mangrove Mountain, and by now the temperature was getting very warm.  The first casualty was just before Wollombi when a V50 Guzzi spat out its LHS spark plug, after finding a replacement it was found the threat was well and truly beyond repair.  We coasted the bike into Wollombi but not before picking up another casualty – this time it was Steve on his ’66 Triumph Saint who decided to have his turn at kissing the ground (or tree actually).  Again, very fortunately, all was OK except for some bruises & grazes.  Minor damage to the Trumpy includes smashed headlight, twisted forks and minor dents.  Thankfully for leather – or things could have been much works, it made us wonder about the amount of modern sports/superbike riders hooning around up there wearing only sandshoes, shorts & singlets, ant that’s not half as bad as the attire of the ladies up the back!  We all coasted into Wollombi on the very hot afternoon with Steve getting stuck into his bike with crowbars and screw drivers while Peter T gained his now legendary status in repairing the V50 plug thread with plumbers tape and saving the day.  The next option was another call to Ghost Riders as things weren’t look all that hopeful.  Well done Pete – an excellent emergency repair!  Now with everyone happy & rested, we continued along the great road to Cessnock, for another brilliant & enjoyable evening of drinking, jukebox, pool, fine food & great company.  The next day cruise was just as enjoyable, eventually and leisurely making our way back to Sydney.  Big thanks again to Jaime for another great weekend, look forward to doing it again next year.