Running the same size tire front and rear

Running the same size tire front and rear

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how terrible is it to run the same size front and rear tire?

reason i ask is that i may run a rear rim on my front hub to accomodate for 17in tires…

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i would have identical rims(well no the hubs of course) and since i already have quite a few good +61404532026 tires in my garage i’d run two of those….

right now with my 18inch wheels i run a 120 in the back and a 110 up front and all seems well….

insight apreciated..

this is on a gs400 btw…

thanks guys!

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totally common. typically it’s always a good idea to stick to stock wheel size/geometry etc. to maintain what the engineers originally designed for optimal handling, but i’d think you’ll be fine with 17’s front and rear.

i run 18’s on my xs650, and the 2011 suzuki tu250x i just bought my wife runs 18’s as well. lots of bikes with the same size wheels on both ends.

i think the smaller rear rim sizes found on some of the japanese bikes might have been to allow a wider/taller rear tire and still remain the same diameter as the front. but that’s just a late night guess on my part – never thought about it before.

i run a 110 rear and 100 front on my xs650. the tu has a 90 front and 110 rear. a 110 front is just heavier and would make handling worse frankly – you’d be better off with narrower rubber on both ends.


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thanks for you insight.

when you install a 17in rim on a wheel that had an 18 rim, do you have to buy customs spokes to accomodated for the slightly shorter distance between the hub and the rim (1/2 inch shorter my guess) of is there enought threads/play to use the stock spokes?

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you’ll need new spokes – buchanan is a good source for customs. you doing a super-moto or something?


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not a supermoto build. i dont know if i can call it a cafe racer either because i am keeping the stock bar and bikini fairing on this gs400s.

this is *my* bike (well an identical one)

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picture this bike with supermoto rims on gs hubs, upgraded front caliper and rotor, cafe tail hump.

running the same size tire front and rear

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not a complete thread jack, but related question.

tires are often sold as “front” or “rear” is there anything to prevent one from running them in the non-advertised position other than tread pattern?

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on our little honda’s, if tyres are hard to come by size-wise, we run the same front tyre on the rear but mount it backwards..

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evorussel, read my response here:

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