SOLVED: My 2003 nissan altima headlights won’t turn off.

could be a sticking relay pull the relay in engine bay relay box
who controls headlights.
could be a faulty switch on the twist stalk .
a 12v probe would confirm this at the relay contact sockets.

posted on jan 23, 2017

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source: nissan altima brake light

who means is your socket is is probably shorted to your running lights there is a constant feed of voltage to that circuit. i would take a circuit probe and trace a wire to the spot of the short. good luck.

posted on aug 29, 2008

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solved: my 2003 nissan altima headlights won't turn off.


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related questions:

turn signals are not working

have you checked all of the fuses with a test light ?
is the turn signal circuit getting power when the switch is on ?

turn signal switch, replace” procedure.


  1. removing the turn signal switch
    • disconnect the negative power cable on the battery. the battery needs to be isolated while working on the electrical system.
    • 2remove the steering column shroud with a phillips-head screwdriver. the shroud will come off in two pieces. one will come off from the top and the other will come off from the bottom.
    • 3pull the turn signal lever out while twisting it forward. the lever is connected to the multi-switch.
    • 4remove the wiring harness running in back of the multi-switch. place the wiring out of the way so you can remove the switch,
    • 5unscrew the switch with a phillips-head screwdriver. the switch will come out once the screws have been removed.

    installing the new switch

    • 6install the new switch. tighten the screws to hold the switch securely.
    • 7attach the wiring harness back to the switch. the harness should plug into the switch. push the harness connector into the switch until it clicks into place.
    • 8install the turn signal lever. push in and twist it back toward the dash to lock it in place.
    • 9place the steering column shroud back on the steering column. be sure to tighten the screws to position the shroud in place.
    • 10reconnect the battery. crank your blazer to test out the switch. attempt to run everything on the switch to ensure you have a good multi-switch.

1998 buick century only high beams and turn signals work. no headlights. i have checked breakers, relays,fuses,power at headlight switch, power at headlight harness, all are good.

the buick century is equipped with a multi-switch. this switch is an all in one switch that controls your cruise control, windshield wipers and turn signals in one switch. this switch also controls dimming and brightening of your headlights. the dimmer switch is simple to replace, and all you need is a phillips head screwdriver to complete the task.

  1. removing the steering column shroud
    • removing the dimmer switch starts at the steering column . to plan this task out, access the steering column by removing the screws holding the steering column shroud in place. this will expose the turn signal lever. remove the lever by twisting it forward, and pulling it out of the switch.

    removing the dimmer switch

    • the switch is held on by two screws and a wiring harness. the wiring harness can be removed by prying up on the locking tabs and pulling the connector out of the socket. the two screws can be removed with a phillips head screwdriver. the switch will slide out. to install a dimmer switch, be sure to repeat these steps in reverse order.

how to replace driver side headlight 2003 nissan altima

to remove:

  1. ensure
    who the lighting switch is in the off position.
  2. disconnect negative battery cable.
  3. remove or disconnect the following:
  • front fascia
  • headlamp mounting bolts.
  • headlamp by sliding it foward.
  • headlamp connectors.

solved: my 2003 nissan altima headlights won't turn off.

to install:

  1. install or connect the following.
  • headlamp connectors.
  • headlamp and mounting bolts.
  • front fascia.
  • negative battery cable.

02 nissan altima sunroof won’t work

circuit tester to the switch when pressed should show a charge if no charge than bad contacts in switch … if charge than the problem lyes in the motor by the sunroof. can make a tester from an old turn signal bulb a socket just ground 1 wire off the socket and use the other wire as test probe. if you find this info helpful please rate

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