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make no mistake – spinergy wheels are beautiful. but they’re only as good as the tyre that’s on it, so it’s important to know which spinergy wheelchair tyres sizes you should be choosing. spinergy wheelchair wheels will accept any tyre made for wheelchair use. you can use 1-3/8″ tires, 1″ tires (which is the recommended size if using solid “flat-free” tires), or even mountain bike tires (eg 1.95″ x 26″ mountain bike tyres will fit spinergy’s 25 inch (559) wheels).

spinergy wheelchair tyres sizing guide | mr cycling world

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the easiest and best way is to check the numbers labeled on the side of the tire. as an example, if you have 24″ spinergy wheels, the tyre should have the numbers “540” on the sidewall.

  • 20″ wheels = 451
  • 22″ wheels = 501
  • 24″ wheels = 540
  • 25″ wheels = 559
  • 26″ wheels = 590
  • 700c wheels = 622

if you’re having difficulty installing your wheelchair tyres even though you know you’ve got the right size, you may need the assistance of your local bicycle mechanic.

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