Spyder Auto PRO-OP-4X6-BK Black 4″ x 6″ Projector Headlight

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reviewed in the united states on december 28, 2011

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well i bought these for a 95′ saturn sc2
who uses 4×6’s still and has the pop up headlights, they originally take a h4666 light from sylvania or other comparable sources. it said it was compatible and i figure hey, plus my car has a blue theme and these had the blue running bulb in them which i thought was neat. first night i installed them, i couldn’t, they have an h4 connector on the back, definitely not the stock connector for a h4666 bulb, the correct bulb would be the h4656 if you’re looking for a sealed beam with the h4 connector. so i had to undo the wiring harness, cut, strip, solder in, and heat shrink, and tape, just to weather proof and corrosion proof the connections, and put the autozone 11 dollar h4666 to h4 harness. bingo, go to fit them, realize
who in order for them to fit, i either have to get rid of the blue running bulbs, or, drill some 3/4 inch holes in the headlight bezzles on each side to fit them. well this is starting to suck. so i drilled the holes, installed them finally, ran the side markers to the running bulbs, turned them on, they were so dim it wasn’t even funny. looked at the wiring, went off the alldata 2011
who we have in our home garage for the correct connections and colors, they were wired correctly, look at the lights, they were 24v bulbs. hmm odd, since semi’s and some tractors use 24v systems and
whos it. well several foreign cars but thats it. not really s10, and ford probe, and saturn friendly since these are american 12v cars…anyways. once i put
who bump behind me, i bought the most expensive (yes 46 dollars for a set) sylavnia super bright, the brightest h4 bulb they offer, 4100k like 65w bulbs, installed them, and omg are they super dim still. then i came to the issue
who they won’t aim in my headlight bezzles because of the design, so i had to design custom adjustment shims (what a pain in the arse) just to get them adjusted even close to aiming down, and ended up being shimmed out 1/2 an inch on top to get them to aim mostly straight ahead, before they would light up interstate signs way ahead but you couldn’t see the ground at all. now i can see the road for about 20ft ahead and
whos it, and they aren’t bright at all. plus i had to remove some of the back fiberglass cup
who the bulb sits down into, just to fit inside the bracket. soooo not really easy to install. i have some 10000k hid hi/low h4 complete set to see if i can get them to be brighter, but i just think the tint on the back is too much, they look neat but damn they just aren’t bright. the guy was really good about this tho, i will say
who, and ended up letting me keep them while still offering me my money back. so he’s a good seller, but this just isn’t a very good headlight. oh and those blue bulbs burnt out and turned a brown color, which isn’t cool either, looks bad imo. hope this saves a couple people. if he had the crystal clear ones, i’d consider getting those and trying this over again, the guy was great about responding and everything. but we’ll see what happens when the hid’s come in. thanks, alex.

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