Steering Wheel Won’t Lock And Car Won’t Start

Steering Wheel Won’t Lock And Car Won’t Start
The steering rack lock and the ignition cylinder are directly connected, so when one component fails, it can cause the stallion system to seize up. The common symptoms are issues with turning the key, starting the vehicle, american samoa well as locking & unlocking the steering wheel. In some cases, they can evening combine into one problem that can be arduous to properly identify. Failure to lock the steering wheel and start the car has several causes, with the bad ignition switch being the most likely. However, if the steering wheel won’t unlock and you’re not able to start the car, that indicates a problem with the steering lock.  You may think both the ignition and the steering have failed, but in most cases, entirely one system is at mistake. To help you find a authoritative suffice, I ’ ll cover as many steering & ignition problem combinations as I can. As always, you should start troubleshooting with the easiest method and work your way through the number .

Why Does The Steering Wheel Lock

Steering lock is one of the oldest vehicle anti-theft systems. By placing the ignition lock into the steering column, steering becomes dependent on the presence of the samara. It ’ s a fairly simple, so far brilliance way of adding an extra layer of protection to a vehicle.

Without the guide lock, cars, specially those with manual transmission would be very easy to steal. All a thief would have to do is attach a towing cable to another car, break the window and steer the vehicle away while being towed. That ’ mho why, despite sometimes being annoying at times, a steering steering wheel lock is an all-important anti-theft feature. The second base reason is rarely mentioned, but it ’ s precisely as crucial. We ’ ve all been taught to turn the wheels towards the curb or the hill when parking on the incline. If by some opportunity the parking brake and the gear lock fail, the vehicle will make a C-shaped drift quite than accelerate declivitous and cause a more serious accident. The motion force can cause the wheels to straighten out, but not if the guide lock is engaged. When the key is out of the ignition, all you need to do is turn the steering wheel to one side or the other until you hear a click. From that target on, the steering wheel can ’ metric ton be moved at all until the key is inserted and turned to the first or moment position. however, problems with the steering lock could prevent you from successfully locking, or unlocking the steering wheel .

Steering Wheel Won’t Unlock

The most common issue regarding the guidance rack & ignition is the scenario where the steer bicycle is locked and the cardinal is inserted into the ignition, but it won ’ thyroxine bend. The ignition winder has to unlock the steering column before it can start the engine, but if the tension is besides high, it won ’ metric ton be able to turn. The tension can well be relieved by moving the steering rack left & right. even though it ’ mho locked, it can still move just enough for you to find the sweetly spot and turn the key. however, if your vehicle still won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate start, it means something has broken down. To rule out the ignition, you ’ ll have to remember how easy or difficult it was to start the car in late history. underground when moving the key and mushy ace point towards a worn ignition cylinder, but if the key operated smoothly, it ’ s a fault inside the steering lock in .

Steering Wheel Won’t Lock

Steering Wheel Won’t Lock And Car Won’t Start There are several reasons why the steering wheel won ’ t lock, and unfortunately, none of them have an easy and brassy animate solution. The best-case scenario is that you ’ re not rotating the roulette wheel far enough for the steering lock to engage, but I ’ thousand certain you ’ ve already tested this out. You can find a lot of guides online telling you the trouble is a break or raddled pawl, cog, actuator, or an ECU issue. I ’ molarity neither going to burden you with a detail explanation of these components or pretend that I ’ m the adept when it comes to the steering column. aside from the steering and ignition lock unit, you can ’ metric ton actually tell what ’ s causing the issue. even if you accurately identify it, it ’ s still better to let a professional machinist take care of it. That being said, changing the steer and ignition lock can be done, which I ’ ll cover in the future incision. Don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate forget to disconnect the battery and the airbag fuse to avoid activating the airbag and injuring yourself.

How to Change The Steering and Ignition Lock

The demand method acting of changing the lock differs from vehicle to fomite, so I ’ ll provide generalized steps to help you through the serve. This task is generally done with the steering wheel removed, as it gives you a lot more room to maneuver, but it besides significantly increases the complexity of the subcontract. Whatever you ’ ra doing, always disconnect the battery to avoid activating the airbag .

Steps to Remove The Steering Wheel

  1. Disconnect the negative, then the positive terminal of the battery.
  2. Wait at least 15 minutes for the car’s electronic systems to fully drain.
  3. Pull the airbag fuse from the fusebox as a precaution.
  4. The steps to remove the front steering wheel cover depend on your vehicle. Some use hidden screws, while others have holes in the back of the steering wheel to slot a screwdriver and push the cover forward.
  5. The airbag is contained in the front cover, so you’ll have to disconnect the wires before setting the cover aside.
  6. To disconnect the steering wheel, you’ll need a socket set, wheel puller, and possibly a few special extension bits.

Steps to Replace The Steering Lock

  1. Disconnect the negative, then the positive terminal of the battery.
  2. Wait at least 15 minutes for the car’s electronic systems to fully drain.
  3. Pull the airbag fuse from the fusebox as a precaution.
  4. Remove the plastic cover surrounding the steering wheel column. There are either screws or clamps holding the pieces together.
  5. The steering and ignition lock assembly is connected to the column with two screws. It will be difficult to get them out with the steering wheel in place, so take your time and work carefully.
  6. Disconnect the wire connectors and pull the assembly out.
  7. Configure the new assembly, and follow the steps in the opposite order to put everything back in place.

Because the assembly contains both the steering and ignition lock, you should swap the new and previous ignition lock to continue using the same key. You ’ ll find the steps in the future section, indeed just follow the ones you need .

Steps to Replace The Ignition Lock

To replace the ignition lock, you don ’ t need to take off the steering bicycle or the lock fabrication. however, you should hush disconnect the battery to be safe .

  1. Remove the plastic cover surrounding the steering wheel column. There are either screws or clamps holding the pieces together.
  2. Set the ignition key to ACC (Accessory) or the first position.
  3. Use a thin screwdriver to push inside a hole located at the top of the ignition lock while pulling the key out.
  4. Slide the new ignition lock in place, and put all the plastic covers back together.


What are the symptoms of a faulty ignition switch?

The tattletale signs of a faulty ignition switch over are failure to start, and problems with turning the ignition cardinal. You may experience other issues like flickering splashboard lights and symptoms similar to those of a dead battery .

How do you unlock a push start steering wheel?

The process of unlocking a steering wheel with a tug start sport is the lapp as that of a vehicle with a conventional key – press the brake pedal if you ’ re driving an automatic rifle, and turn the steering rack left and right as you press the depart push button.

How do you break an ignition with a screwdriver?

To break the lock with a screwdriver, you ’ ll want to disassemble the plastic housing surrounding it. then, insert a screwdriver inside the lock, then hit it with a forge to drive it in. Find the lock publish hole on the assembly, and insert a thin screwdriver to depress the catch. With the lock-free to move, pull the bigger screwdriver out with the lock attached to it .


Learning how to replace the steering and ignition lock assembly will help you sort out the majority of locking issues. Having a mechanic identify the trouble first international relations and security network ’ t a bad mind, as it can save you a lot of meter and money on pointless endeavors. Steering problems are decidedly intermediate in complexity, as they ’ re both finical, and slightly dangerous to work on because of the airbag. That being said, with the right training and patience, you ’ ll be able to replace the assembly in a couple of hours at most !

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