Temporary Non UK Resident Car Insurance | Expat Car Cover

Temporary Non UK Resident Car Insurance | Expat Car Cover

Save time and money with UK expats short term car insurance

Millions of Brits have chosen to up-sticks and start a new life overseas, whether that’s somewhere sunny in Europe or even further beyond. If you’re one of these expats, you probably like to head back to familiar shores from time to time. But getting around the UK, when you don’t have your own car here to hop in anymore, can be frustrating.

That’s where temporary car insurance for UK expats come in.

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Getting around the UK with ease

As an expat, one of the simplest ways to get about while you’re home is to borrow a car from a friend or family member, which is often free and gives you the freedom to come and go as you please.

Unfortunately, accessing car insurance for non-UK residents especially if it’s to drive someone else’s vehicle, can be extremely difficult. Getting a new driver added to an existing policy is expensive and often problematic as it is, without factoring in that you don’t currently live in the UK.

Temporary car insurance for international drivers is ideal for expats looking to get quick and easy car insurance while returning to the UK on a trip.

Temporary Non UK Resident Car Insurance | Expat Car Cover

Why choose short term expat insurance?

Whether you’ve got a lengthy journey from the airport, or want to hop around the country visiting family members on your UK return trip, temporary car cover is often the best expatriate insurance option.

Getting a separate policy means you don’t have the hassle of adjusting an existing policy ,or the expense of taking out an annual cover. This also means that if you have an accident, the vehicle owner’s no claims bonus is protected. And because we offer comprehensive cover, you’ll be prepared in case of all eventualities.

It’s incredibly simple to get an expat car insurance quote, all you’ll need is basic information about yourself and vehicle you want to drive. And once you’ve got a quote, you can start customising your policy to suit your needs.

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What does temporary expat car insurance give me?

The flexibility of short-term expat cover means you can:

  • Choose how long you want your policy to last from 1 to 28 days
  • Select what time you want your cover to start, down to the minute
  • Start your policy right away, or up to a month later
  • Select the level of cover that best suits you

Visiting friends and family can be expensive as it is, without having to fork out for insurance you don’t actually need. With temporary cover for expatriates, you only pay for the cover you actually want.

For simple and straightforward cover that’s available instantly, expat car insurance is best option.

Temporary Non UK Resident Car Insurance | Expat Car Cover

What can i use expatriates insurance for?

Our temporary car insurance for non-UK residents is flexible by its very nature, so there are lots of circumstances where it can come in handy.

To borrow a car from a friend or family member?

Borrowing someone’s car is the easiest way to get on the road while you’re back home, but it often comes with the pressure of making sure nothing goes wrong with the vehicle.

You won’t want to take any risks while borrowing someone else’s wheels, so the best way to ensure everything goes smoothly is to get cover that’s comprehensive.

Temporary car insurance for non-UK residents comes with comprehensive cover as standard, which means that if you have an accident; you, the vehicle and the vehicle owner are covered regardless of whether or not it was your fault.

Not only is everyone covered, but because it’s a standalone policy, the vehicle owner’s no claim discount is protected.

And if you’re the one letting an expat use your car, you can relax knowing they’re covered if the worst should happen.

For business use

As an expat, even though you don’t live in the UK anymore, you may be required to return occasionally as part of your job.

Whether it’s attending meetings and courses or just transporting items across the country, you’ll often find that the most cost-effective way to get insurance is to purchase short-term car insurance for expats.

As you’re only paying for the minimum duration of cover you actually need, you can reduce costs for your business while still getting the highest level of insurance while on the road.

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Even if you need to leave last minute, it’s still simple and straightforward as you can get your policy to start instantly. Your policy documents are emailed to you straight away, so you’re covered as soon as you like.

Business trips can be a pain to organise, so getting hassle-free expatriate car insurance, that’s quick to purchase and offers you comprehensive cover, is one way to take the stress out of things.

Temporary Non UK Resident Car Insurance | Expat Car Cover

Can i get temporary expatriates car cover?

Yes. If you’re a former UK resident, then short term expat insurance should almost certainly be available to you.

But it’s important to remember that our expats cover is not general car insurance for foreign drivers. In order to get temporary car insurance for non-UK residents, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Been a previous UK resident for a minimum of 10 years
  • Must temporarily live at the residential address provided on the policy
  • Be currently living abroad
  • Be aged 18 to 76
  • Hold a full UK, EU, EEC (or NI Licence)

Other exclusions may apply depending on a number of risk factors.

If you’re planning a trip back to the UK for business or pleasure, a short term policy is an easy and straightforward way to get comprehensive insurance.

But what if i want to insure a car in the UK while living abroad?

You can do this. In fact, if you still own a car back in the UK, it’s a legal requirement that it has insurance even if you’re not driving it. The only exception to this would be if it was being stored off road and had a SORN (Statutory Off-Road Notification) with the DVLA.

Some companies won’t offer policies on cars in the UK to people who live overseas, but there are some that do, so you may just need to shop around a little.

Start a quick and easy quote now and get temporary insurance in minutes.

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