The average cost of motorcycle insurance by age and by state

The average cost of motorcycle insurance by age and by state

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  • The average cost of motorcycle insurance in 2020 is $1,173 per year for a full coverage policy. 
  • But, the amount you pay for motorcycle insurance will vary based on the types and amounts of coverage you want. The more coverage you get, the more your insurance will cost. 
  • Motorcycle insurance also varies by state due to state minimum coverage laws and the length of the riding season. 
  • In general, states with harsher winters and shorter riding seasons, like Vermont, Massachussetts, and the Dakotas, for example, will have lower premiums than states with milder winters, like Arizona and Georgia. 
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The average cost of motorcycle insurance in the US is $1,173 per year for a full coverage policy.


In some ways, motorcycle insurance functions similarly to car insurance . Like car insurance, motorcycle insurance has state minimum liability needs and the option to add more coverage. Like car insurance, motorcycle insurance gets more expensive with the more types of coverage you have, and the lower deductibles you’ll be required to pay if you’re in an accident. 

What determines the cost of motorcycle insurance?

Though most motorcycle insurance is more affordable than car insurance, it can get expensive when you look for full coverage motorcycle insurance, which covers both your liability requirements and can help repair or replace your motorcycle if it’s damaged.

Generally, a motorcycle insurance policy has these five types of coverage available, according to the Insurance Information Institute:

  • Liability insurance: Coverage that pays for damage you do to others’ property or any injuries. Generally, this is all that a minimum coverage policy will cover.
  • Collision insurance: Coverage that will pay for damages to your motorcycle if you’re in an accident. 
  • Comprehensive coverage: Pays for damage done by anything other than an accident, like theft or vandalism. 
  • Coverage for motorcycle modifications, parts, and accessories: Some insurance policies will cover riding gear (like jackets and helmets), and other types of coverage will pay to repair and replace accessories like trailers, sidecars, or upgraded parts. 
  • Underinsured or uninsured motorist coverage: If you or your property is damaged by an underinsured or uninsured driver, this coverage will pay for it. 

Here’s how adding coverage can change your cost of insurance for a 25-year old rider in California:

Getting a state minimum policy means that you’re only getting one of these five types of coverage. When looking at your new policy, consider that you could be covering these expenses on your own if you’re involved in an accident.

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Average cost of motorcycle insurance by age

Like car insurance, motorcycle insurance companies will look at factors like your driving history and age to determine your individual rate. They also often considers the number of years experience you have with driving and riding. 

Generally, the more experienced the rider, the less insurance will cost. Here’s how the costs stack up with quotes from GEICO for a hypothetical male rider of varying ages who got his motorcycle license at 20. The policy includes up to $25,000 injury liability per person and up to $50,000 liability coverage per accident, uninsured motorist coverage, and comprehensive and collision coverage.

Sample data shows that a rider who is 55 will pay about $100 less per year on their motorcycle insurance than someone who is 25. 

Also like car insurance, traffic tickets can affect the amount you’ll pay for motorcycle insurance. Whether it’s in your car or on your bike, a traffic ticket will affect the price you’ll pay for motorcycle insurance, according to Progressive. 

Average cost of motorcycle insurance by state

Some states are more expensive than others for motorcycle insurance coverage. Like car insurance, state laws that mandate coverage could have an effect on how much your motorcycle insurance costs. 

Another factor that influences the cost by where you live is your state’s winter conditions. In some parts of the US, motorcycle riding is seasonal. In states with harsh winters, like New England and the northern Midwest, coverage tends to cost less. 

Business Insider obtained over 100 quotes from national motorcycle insurers GEICO and Dairyland, two of the most affordable insurers offering online quotes, for a Kawasaki Z400 and 25-year old male rider in each state. Quotes were for a policy with up to $25,000 injury liability per person and up to $50,000 liability coverage per accident, in addition to comprehensive and collision insurance. We got a quote from both GEICO and Dairyland for each state, then averaged the two quotes together.

Here’s the average cost of motorcycle insurance in each state:

It’s not surprising that some of the northernmost states have the cheapest coverage — the three most affordable states for coverage are Vermont, North Dakota, and South Dakota. The better your state’s weather, the more you’ll pay for motorcycle insurance, because you’ll be riding for more of the year.

The top 10 most expensive states for motorcycle insurance including Georgia, Arizona, South Carolina, Louisiana, and Tennessee. 

How to save money on motorcycle insurance

Saving on motorcycle insurance could take some extra work, but it could be worth it for the savings. Here are three moves to make to save: 

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Shop around for coverage

Like any other type of insurance, shopping around can help you find the best rate. Each company considers your personal information and needs differently, and each insurer will price your policy differently, too. 

Get quotes from several different motorcycle insurers and see which company offers you the most coverage for the lowest premiums and deductibles. 

Take a motorcycle safety class

Even if you’ve been riding for years, it’s never a bad thing to brush up on your riding knowledge. Many insurers will also offer you a discount if you’ve taken a motorcycle safety class within the past five years. 

Join an owners group

Some insurers offer discounts for members of owners or riders groups, like Harley-Davidson Owners Group.

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