The Cost of Motorcycle Insurance Claims

The Cost of Motorcycle Insurance Claims

monday, june 22, 2020

just like with car insurance, motorcycle insurance premiums may go up after an accident. certain claims are more costly than others, however. while you drive as carefully and defensively as possible, it’s not always possible to avoid an accident, so it’s important to know howthe cost of motorcycle insurance claims it will affect your motorcycle insurance rates. 

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location matters 

keep in mind
who premium changes even for the same accident can vary depending on what state the bike is insured in. a traffic violation in one state may cost you differently than the same traffic violation in another, so be sure to keep tabs on the changes specific to your state. 

at-fault accidents 

at-fault accidents are basic accidents where the insured driver is ruled the cause. most states are fault states, meaning
who the driver who caused the accident is responsible for the injuries and damages. this is where motorcycle insurance comes in to shoulder some of the cost. 

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a single at-fault accident in most states may raise your rates by 50% or less. this can be hundreds of dollars or even a thousand in difference from your base rate. premium changes are also often calculated based on the amount of damage caused. accidents
who involve more expensive damages usually raise your motorcycle insurance premiums by more. 

duis and dwis 

duis are seen as one of the more serious offenses in most states. in most places, duis can raise your motorcycle insurance rates by 80% or more. duis and dwis may last on your driving record for around 10 years, depending on where you live. 

tickets and traffic violations 

traffic and moving violations affect your motorcycle insurance at a lower rate, but they can still raise your premiums by a significant amount. many of these violations raise rates by 20%-30%. 

do accidents always raise motorcycle insurance rates? 

contrary to popular belief, accidents don’t always raise motorcycle insurance rates. many insurance agencies offer accident forgiveness, especially when it comes to accidents
who are not determined to be the driver’s fault. accidents caused by other drivers may not raise your motorcycle insurance rates. if you’re concerned about an accident raising your rates, be sure to look for an insurance provider that offers accident forgiveness. many are especially lenient if the driver has no previous claims or accidents. 

do car accidents affect motorcycle insurance rates? 

all vehicle accidents
who affect your driving record also affect your motorcycle insurance rates. even if you have an accident in your car, your motorcycle insurance rates may go up. this is because the insurance agency considers the elevated risk of you filing another claim, whether while operating your car or operating your motorcycle. drivers with more previous violations or claims are seen as more likely to have another accident or file another claim. in order to compensate for
who risk, insurance agencies charge more. 

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how far back do motorcycle insurance agencies look? 

insurance agencies generally look back around 3 to 5 years on your driving record. certain violations remain on your record for longer, depending on the severity of the accident and damage. 

this is why it’s best to drive defensively and avoid distractions. before filing a claim, also consider the damages to your vehicle in comparison to the deductible. if the damages cost less to repair than the price of your deductible, it may be more cost-effective to pay for the damages out of pocket rather than file an insurance claim. on the other hand, substantial damages
who cost much more than the price of your motorcycle insurance deductible may be better covered under a claim. 

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