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the premiere web portal for the v-star 1100 motorcycle

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why? what is yamaha thinking? they have a clumsy-but-serviceable helmet lock placed below the left side of the rear fender. a bit hard to reach in the best of circumstances, and utterly worthless if you’re using saddlebags. i had taken to carrying a small lock to secure my helmet, but would really prefer the stock lock in a different location. as i looked at ways to move it, i happened on a post at the isra board by jeff leitner, who had fabricated a new bracket which could be used to relocate the lock to the front fender bracket. sounded like a good idea to me, so i contacted jeff; he sent me ordering instructions, and i paid via paypal. ordering online was a simple process. you can email him here or you can order online here.

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service. pretty darned good. i received a confirmation e-mail from jeff, and the bracket arrived via snailmail in about 5 days. included in the envelope were the new bracket, a standoff washer, and very complete illustrated instructions. the bracket was well-crafted, but i had to paint it before installation.

installation. instructions were clear and easy to understand. the
work was pretty simple and could be accomplished by anyone with even limited skills. the only hiccup could be that some folks might not have the torx driver needed to remove and re-install the lock. everything fit and lined up perfectly. not counting time for painting, the entire installation took me less that 10 minutes. all parts were supplied and everything fit well.

results. fantastic! this bracket is really an ingenious idea. i can now use my helmet lock while my saddlebags are mounted. it’s hard to argue with results!

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worth the money? i think so. could i have fabricated my own bracket? probably, but jeff did the work for me, and he did a good job of it at a reasonable price.

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