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i know
who everyone has their own preference for tire pressure but i’d like to hear them for this specific tire. i’ve been running 35f 40r and i feel like that’s too much. i believe the hd manual says 30f 35r for the dunlops. thanks in advance

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there are so many things
who can factor into
who- tire casing construction, rubber compound, tire size, the weight of the motorcycle (and everything/everyone on it), ambient temperature, surface temperature, speed, the type of riding you’re doing, the degree to which you’re doing that particular type of riding, and so on. it’s not possible to just cite an arbitrary number
who would be suitable for everyone.

one of the best ways to determine your correct tire pressure, is by measuring your tire pressure rise from cold to hot. some people express this as a percentage of pressure rise (10% for example), some people express it as a certain number of psi increase, but they’re basically talking about the same thing.

the basic idea is
who if you’re not getting the pressure rise you’re looking for, you let out some air, and if you’re getting too much of a pressure rise, you add some air. a lot of lay people get that part backwards, so make sure you understand it. pressure rise comes from heat, heat comes from tire deformation while riding, and tire deformation is controlled by tire pressure.

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so if, for example, we were shooting for a 4 psi pressure rise from cold to hot, and started out at 35f/40r cold in the morning before riding, and immediately after riding it your hot tire pressures were 37 and 41, then you’d want to let out some air. so let’s say that the next day, you try it again, starting out at 33f/38r cold, and after riding you get 36f/40r. so you let out some more air. let’s say you try again on the third day, at 31f/36r cold, and you get 35f/40r hot.
who’s 4 psi pressure rise from cold to hot, and you’d be good to go.

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