TOP 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets 2021 – Motorcyclist Lifestyle

TOP 10 Best Motorcycle Helmets 2021 – Motorcyclist Lifestyle

top 10 best motorcycle helmets 2021 - motorcyclist lifestyle

riding a motorcycle or bike provides an entirely different experience that you can’t have while driving a car. when i am riding a motorcycle, i can go anywhere, anytime i want. one of my colleagues once asked me, “why do you prefer a motorcycle over a car?” well, my reply was simple, “i just love the feeling when i am riding a motorcycle and it is so much fun!” then, she asked me, “why i wear all that gear just to come to the office?” and then i said, “my father always stressed safety measures while riding a motorcycle.”

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in fact, i will tell you the same thing. it doesn’t matter how far you are going, but please make sure you wear all the protective gear while riding. and the most important piece of protective equipment is the helmet. every person who rides a motorcycle must use a helmet for protection. wearing a safety helmet shows the self-consciousness and responsibility characteristic of a rider or passenger. motorcycle helmet is the only thing that can protect your face, head, and neck from serious injuries while encountering a crash. when it comes to accidents, you must realize that there is no difference between a newbie and an experienced rider.

in this review, i am going to show you some of the best motorcycle helmets that are available for sale within the $200-$700 price range. all of these helmets are manufactured by well-known brands, so you can be 100% sure they are both safe and comfortable to wear. no matter what type of bike do you have, or what kind of riding style do you prefer, these lids will protect your head in the most extreme conditions.

if your capital is limited and you are looking for a budget helmet, check out our review of the best motorcycle helmets under $200 to see what motorcycle helmets are the best bang for the buck in 2021.

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list of the top 10 motorcycle helmets

best motorcycle helmet reviews 2021

when we talk about motorcycle gear, choosing the right motorcycle helmet should be the second most important task for you after choosing your actual motorcycle. there are various types of motorcycle helmets available on the market today and some of them are better for a specific type of bike than others. by reading this review of the best motorcycle helmets of 2021, you will find out what type of helmet will be the ideal choice for you.

i will show you the lightest, most comfortable, most advanced, and most versatile motorcycle helmet you can buy. on top of that, you will also gain some basic knowledge about different types and styles of motorcycle helmets, and i will also tell you how to choose the correct size of a helmet, so you won’t look like a bobble-head!

shoei rf-1200 motorcycle helmet review

the shoei rf-1200 contains everything you may require from a motorcycle helmet in a more systematic way. it is extremely light and comfortable, and on top of that, it also provides tremendous level of protection to the rider’s head. so, if you are looking for a lightweight helmet that you can wear while riding your motorcycle for a long period of time, the shoei rf-1200 full-face helmet will serve you very well. even if you compare it to some helmets from other brands, you will find that the rf-1200 is superior in all aspects within this price range. if we talk about the practical use of this helmet, shoei has proved why they are the leader in the motorcycle helmet industry without compromising quality.

shell design & protection

the shoei rf-1200 (shoei nxr in the uk) is a custom fit motorcycle helmet that comes in four different shell sizes. this means that you will be able to choose the exact size you want and don’t need to worry about the helmet looking way too big on your head. it will give you the same level of protection in the smaller versions, as well as in the large versions of the helmet. the shoei rf-1200 motorcycle helmet is dot, ece and snell certified, and therefore, it is completely safe and fully suitable for both everyday street use and professional track racing.

the outer shell of the helmet is specially designed to provide maximum protection and functionality at higher speeds. it features the aim+ technology and its structure consists of 5 different compounds, such as fiberglass and organic fibers, layered on top of each other, making the shell extremely lightweight and flexible.

inside the shell, you will find a dual-density eps liner, which will absorb all the potential damage caused by an impact during a crash. the liner has holes and cutouts to further improve the ventilation of the helmet. the shoei rf-1200 motorcycle helmet comes in many interesting graphic designs and it has an intermediate oval shape, which is the most common shape you can see on motorcycle helmets.

face shield & visor

the shoei rf-1200 comes with the cwr-1 face shield, which is an advanced version of the shield you will find in its predecessors. it has a quick-release self-adjusting base plate and it provides ultra-wide field of view and great vision. the position of the face shield can be simply adjusted by using a five-stage rotating dial, which is very easy to use. this shield features ribs on top and bottom of the body to improve the rigidity and stop bending of the shield caused by wind pressure during opening and closing.

the face shield of the shoei rf-1200 motorcycle helmet is pinlock-ready and you will get a pinlock insert included with this helmet. the pinlock lens insert is a special accessory that can be attached onto the face shield to significantly reduce the fogging-issues in cold, rainy weather.

unfortunately, there is no internal drop-down sun visor in the shoei rf-1200 helmet. however, having no internal visor can be a benefit if you don’t really need one. the visor usually takes a lot of space inside the outer shell of the helmet, and therefore it reduces the safety of the helmet.

ventilation system

ventilation is another strong point of the shoei rf-1200. it is by no means the best ventilated helmet, but it provides sufficient airflow that is comparable to some other high-end full-face helmets. on top of the helmet, you will find one intake vent in the forehead area and another two intake vents on the sides. in the chin bar area, the helmet is equipped with a three-position chin vent that will push fresh air onto your face. overall, the ventilation works well, but there is still some space for small improvements.

interior & comfort

another attribute of the shoei rf-1200 full-face helmet is the 3d max-dry system ii interior material that will absorb moisture and sweat. you will feel very comfortable while wearing the helmet and it will help to keep your head and face areas dry for the duration of the ride. thanks to the dimensionally shaped design, the interior comfort liner fits really well to most head shapes, but it may still not fit you the best if your head has a round oval shape.

other than that, the shoei rf-1200 helmet is equipped with an emergency cheek pads release system that you can use to remove the cheek pads in an emergency situation. it also contains a breath guard ventilation system that reduces fogging caused by your breath. this system will help you to maintain excellent vision while riding in all kinds of weather conditions. the chin curtain and ear pads of shoei’s rf-1200 are designed to reduce wind noise and minimize wind turbulence.

the verdict:

shoei never compromises the quality of their helmets at a reduced cost and that is the reason why it is one of the leading brands in the motorcycle helmet industry. shoei’s priorities are always quality with protection and the rf-1200 is the perfect example. if offers 3 different safety ratings and provides excellent protection to the rider. apart from this, it is also very comfortable to wear. in fact, i would say that the shoei rf-1200 is the most comfortable motorcycle helmet and the best overall helmet of 2021. nevertheless, you should definitely try it yourself and experience the protection and attributes of the shoei rf-1200 full-face motorcycle helmet.

shoei rf-1200 helmet

shoei rf-1200 helmet

pros: lightweight design, pinlock anti-fog lens, excellent ventilation system, dot and snell approved

cons: minimal designs, not suitable for round heads

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agv k6 helmet review

the agv k6 helmet takes the 2nd place on our list of the best motorcycle helmets of 2021. it is a premium yet affordable motorcycle helmet from the most successful series of agv’s full-face helmets. the helmet comes with a superior quality, but it is available at a reasonable cost of less than $500. it comes with all the advanced features and functions, which is a very rare thing to see on motorcycle helmets within this price category. you will usually have to pay $700 or more for such helmets. so, let’s take a look at some features that will help you to understand more about the agv k6 full-face motorcycle helmet and why it is on our recommended list.

shell design & protection

the agv k6 helmet is equipped with an carbon-aramid shell and it is available in four shell sizes: (xs-sm, ms, ml-lg, xl-2xl). higher amount of shell sizes means you will be able to choose the smallest and lightest shell possible. inside the shell, you will find a multi-layer eps lining that consists of 5 different layers of densities and it is available in four sizes.

the agv k6 is an extremely lightweight helmet as it only weighs around 2.95 lbs (1.33 kg). this further improves comfort and massively reduces potential neck pain of the rider. its intermediate oval shape is suitable for most types of head shapes and the aerodynamic shell structure reduces air turbulence.

this full-face helmet meets both the dot and ece standards and therefore it is very safe for street use. the shell can absorb strong impacts and protect your head from a severe injury during a crash. unfortunately, there is no snell rating on the agv k6 helmet, so i wouldn’t recommend using it for racing on a track.

face shield & visor

the shield system of the agv k6 helmet is equipped with a center-locking mechanism, which is a great feature for safety, but you will have to get used to it. this shield provides uv protection from harmful sun rays and its scratch-resistant coating protects the screen from scratches. the helmet also comes with an innovative shield pivot mechanism that reduces the size and weight of the helmet. in fact, it is one of the smallest shield mechanisms you can find in a motorcycle helmet.

thanks to its 4mm thick pinlock-ready face shield, you can easily install a pinlock lens insert into your agv k6 motorcycle helmet. the pinlock anti-fog insert is included with the helmet and therefore, there is no need for buying one separately.

ventilation system

despite the fact that the agv k6 is advertised as a sport-touring helmet, its ventilation system is not that effective compared to most other helmets on our list. it has a couple of horizontal intake vents in the forehead area and one small air vent in the chin bar. in the back of the helmet, you will find another pair of horizontal exhaust vents that will let the hot air flow out of the interior. unfortunately, all of the intake air vents are very small and hard to open while riding with the gloves on.

the good thing about an ineffective ventilation system is a lower wind noise. agv helmets are known for being on the noisier side, however the k6 is one of the quietest full-face helmets out there.

interior & comfort

when we talk about comfort, then the agv k6 helmet definitely delivers. it has a removable and washable interior comfort liner that is soft to the skin and that has antibacterial and moisture-wicking fabric. the cheek pads are made from the ritmo and shalimar fabric and they can also be easily removed for washing.

the internal padding has cutouts for glasses and you can use any type of eyewear with this helmet. other than that, there is also a pair of built-in speaker pockets, so you will be able to easily install your bluetooth headset. furthermore, the helmet is equipped with removable breath guard and a neck roll that offers abrasion and water resistance for extra durability. the chinstrap of the k6 helmet uses a classic double-d ring mechanism, which is safe and reliable.

the verdict:

in my opinion, the agv k6 is a reasonably priced full-face helmet and it will give you superior protection at a relatively low cost. it is one of the lightest motorcycle helmets on the market and it is super-comfortable to wear on long rides. also, the eyeglass-friendly interior makes the k6 an ideal helmet for glasses wearers. thanks to its lightweight shell design and sophisticated face shield system, the helmet can compete with the big boys of the motorcycle helmet world, and even beat them in terms of value. that is the reason why this helmet is on our recommended list. you should definitely try this evolutionary helmet from agv’s k series.

agv k6 helmet

agv k6 helmet

pros: carbon-aramid shell, extremely lightweight, innovative shield mechanism, very quiet, high level of comfort

cons: poor ventilation

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hjc rpha 90s modular helmet review

the hjc rpha 90s carbon is a modular motorcycle helmet that is packed with all the latest features and technology you are looking for. thanks to its innovative face shield, you will be able to have a glare-free and enjoyable ride all day long. what makes it an ideal helmet for daily commuters and sport-touring riders is its single-button, one-handed chin bar and face shield release system that allows motorcyclists to use it as an open-face helmet in just one tap. and another great thing about this helmet is its lightweight shell design made from carbon fiber. there is no other carbon fiber modular helmet that offers as much as the rpha 90s at this price range. so, let’s take a good look at all the important features and attributes of the hjc rpha 90s carbon modular flip-up helmet.

shell design & protection

the outer shell of the hjc rpha 90s carbon is constructed from a combination of carbon-glass and carbon fiber, and the main purpose of these materials is to make the helmet as lightweight as possible. the helmet is considerably lighter than most other modular motorcycle helmets such as the shoei neotec 2, as it only weighs around 3.3 lbs (1.5 kg). but, don’t let that fool you, because this lightweight shell is capable of providing you with the protection that you need while performing adventure touring.

the hjc rpha 90s carbon helmet meets both the dot and ece safety standards and it is available in three different shell sizes. being a flip-up helmet, it might not be as safe as some of the full-face helmets, but it is still one of the safest modular helmets on the market. it comes in an intermediate oval shape that is designed to fit most head types. the carbon fiber version of the rpha 90s helmet, also called “balian”, is available in black and blue and it features fancy colors and super-cool finish.

face shield & visor

the hjc rpha 90s helmet includes the hj-29 face shield that is optically correct and pinlock-ready. you will even get the pinlock insert included with your purchase, so there is no need to buy one separately. the shield provides up to 95% uv protection, which makes it easy to ride when the sun is shining bright during hot summer days.

other than that, the helmet is also equipped with a smoke-tinted integrated sun-shield (hj-v9), which deploys very quickly and easily. so, you will be able to drop its visor and then retract it using a spring-loaded button. on top of that, hjc equipped the helmet with their latest rapidfire iii shield replacement system, which will let you quickly remove or install the face shield without any tools.

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ventilation system

the rpha 90s carbon motorcycle helmet comes with the hjc’s advanced channeling ventilation (acs) system that provides full front to back airflow. the top vent allows cool air to pass through the comfort liner straight to the rider’s head and simultaneously, draws the hot air out of the helmet through the rear exhaust vent. even with your gloves on, you can channel the forehead slider to manage the airflow from the top vent. as for the chin vent, there is a large, easy-to-use toggle switch that lets you manage the airflow through the chin vent.

the helmet somehow fails to control the overall noise at highway speeds, but it is also true that most modular motorcycle helmets are not successful in providing the silence that a rider can get from a full-face helmet. being made of carbon fiber doesn’t help either, as carbon fiber helmets are usually nosier than polycarbonate and fiber-glass helmets. but, all you need is a pair of earplugs to eliminate the wind noise.

interior & comfort

the hjc rpha 90s carbon is a comfortable modular motorcycle helmet that offers superior fitment and protection that is achieved by using cad technology. its “multicool” interior liner is both antimicrobial and moisture-wicking. also, the cheek pads are totally removable, washable, and they can be interchanged in all helmet sizes. thanks to the cutouts in the internal padding, the helmet is fully compatible with most types of eyeglasses and sunglasses. on top of that, you will be able to install the smart hjc 10b or 20b bluetooth headset into the helmet.

overall, the helmet fits pretty well, however the sizing is slightly off. due to its longer intermediate oval shape, the hjc rpha 90s carbon helmet can be too narrow for some individuals with a perfectly round head.

the verdict:

to sum things up, i really think that the hjc rpha 90s carbon is one of the best modular motorcycle helmets you can buy in 2021. the helmet is equipped with a flip-up chin bar, which is a very useful feature, especially for adventure touring. it is lightweight, comfortable and stylish. on top of that, it comes with a high-quality adjustable sun shield that is very effective and easy to use. it might not be the safest motorcycle helmet out there, but it will surely provide enough protection on long rides. also, there is no other modular helmet offering such a good value for money.

hjc rpha 90s helmet

hjc rpha 90s helmet

pros: lightweight shell design, rapidfire iii shield replacement system, integrated drop-down sun visor, multicool interior, good value

cons: a little too narrow

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shoei neotec-2 modular helmet review

the neotec 2 helmet is exactly what you would expect from shoei. it is, without a doubt, one of the best modular motorcycle helmets available on the market. now that adventure touring is on the rise, most motorcycle helmet manufacturers are still struggling to make a helmet that is safe but also offers optimal comfort and convenience for the rider. the shoei neotec 2 is really a comfortable helmet that is engineered for long adventure touring rides. it offers all the quality that a top helmet brand like shoei can provide. it is an advanced version of the original shoei neotec modular helmet. usually, helmets are upgraded because of aging technology, and the shoei neotec 2 is the evolution of shoei’s newest technology. somehow, shoei found a way to improve the already exceptional neotec modular motorcycle helmet.

shell design & protection

the aerodynamic properties of the shoei neotec 2 helmet have been maximized through wind-tunnel testing, so it offers excellent performance in multiple riding positions, providing a great benefit to motorcyclists on long adventure touring rides. the shoei neotec 2 helmet has an integrated aerodynamic spoiler that is repositioned to reduce drag and lifting issues at high speeds, while the aero-deflector along the chin bar provides stability at the same time. the helmet is available in 4 different shell sizes and 5 liners that increase the fitting options. the helmet is dot certified, it has an intermediate oval shape and it is available in sizes ranging from xs to xxl.

the neotec 2 comes with a dual-density eps liner made from varying densities of foam to absorb impact energy during a motorcycle crash. the helmet is equipped with the same advanced integrated matrix shell (aim) construction as the first neotec, which is made from an array of carbon and organic fibers that shoei used for its racing helmets. in comparison to the original model, the shoei neotec 2 modular helmet is a little bit heavier because of all the added features.

face shield & visor

shoei has equipped the neotec 2 with the exclusive cns-3 face shield that comes with a pinlock evo anti-fog lens insert. this all-new base shield system offers a smooth removal and installation operation of the face shield. you will also get a windproof and waterproof tight seal to prevent dust and water from getting into the helmet. the shoei neotec 2 helmet has the same 3d injection-molding system as the previous model and its function is to ensure distortion-free view with an improved field of vision.

the neotec 2 incorporates an inner sun shield (qsv-1) that eliminates glare on sunny days. it can be activated in one quick motion by a large and convenient slide switch. to accommodate the internal visor, shoei raised the forehead area of the shell without compromising the integrity of its eps.

ventilation system

shoei’s ventilation system is the definition of both airflow and silence. the helmet succeeds in maintaining the balance between low wind noise and sufficient airflow. its chin vent has a dual purpose. first, it allows cool air to pass through the chin vent to the helmet and, second, it keeps the visor fog-free. to channel the air inflow in the chin vent, you can use the large lower vent shutter for ease of use. the same vent also supports an exhaust vent above your eyebrows. on the top of the helmet, you will find a large intake vent and an exhaust vent in the back.

interior & comfort

the predecessor of the shoei neotec 2 had the 3d interior liner with the removable and washable top center pad but the entire interior liner of shoei neotec 2 has been completely upgraded. from the cheek pads to the upper liner and even the chin strap covers, everything is removable, washable, and replaceable. this comfortable 3d interior liner can dissipate all of the moisture much faster. also, the interior is optimized for many different sizes of eyeglasses while minimizing the gaps that create interior noise.

the shoei neotec 2 is specifically designed for a seamless integration of the sena srl bluetooth communication system. the system is fully plug-n-play and the wires of the motorcycle bluetooth headset will be tucked away into their individual brackets and compartments.

what i liked most about the shoei neotec 2 modular motorcycle helmet is how quiet it is. despite being a flip-up helmet, there is no whistling noise at high speeds. shoei has equipped the all-new cheek pads with the noise isolator that not only deflects wind but it also reduces unwanted noise and keeps vibrations out.

the verdict:

as you can see, the shoei neotec 2 modular flip-up helmet has a lot of interesting features to offer. it comes with a phenomenal face shield system and it is super-comfy to wear while riding. the build quality is also excellent and you will have an option to install a bluetooth communication system into the helmet. it is definitely not the lightest helmet, but its slightly higher weight is compensated by its extreme safety and latest technology. in fact, i would even say that the shoei neotec 2 is the most advanced motorcycle helmet out there.

shoei neotec 2 helmet

shoei neotec 2 helmet

pros: advanced integrated matrix plus technology (aim+), multi-density eps liner, qsv-1 inner sun shield, cns-3 base plate system

cons: a little expensive

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scorpion exo-at950 modular helmet review

the scorpion exo-at950 is a dual-sport flip-up motorcycle helmet packed with the best features of adventure touring helmets with the added benefit of an off-road lid. owning this helmet is like having an all-in-one swiss knife in the helmet industry. you can either wear it as a full-face helmet to protect your eyes from harmful uv rays, or use its flip-up ability to open the chin bar and ask for directions. you can even wear goggles with it and open its vents for maximum airflow on your trail ride. this helmet offers everything you can imagine and, at a price just below $300, it is actually not even that expensive!

shell design & protection

the scorpion exo-at950 is a dot-approved modular adv motorcycle helmet that is available in 3 different shell sizes, with the same shell type that was introduced in the scorpion exo-gt920 helmet. in fact, these two are almost identical helmets. there is only one difference between them and it is the at950’s additional peak visor that you can detach. the helmet has an intermediate oval shape and it comes with a 5-year warranty.

the outer shell of the exo-at950 helmet is made from an advanced lg polycarbonate, which is a material that is considered lightweight yet strong enough to handle impacts during a motorcycle crash. the inner part of the shell is equipped with a dual-density eps liner, which is an advanced multi-layer eps liner that provides superior energy displacement. the scorpion exo-at950 offers a high level of impact protection, however, i still would not recommend using this helmet for a pure off-road riding or motocross racing.

face shield & visor

when it comes to the face shield system, the exo-at950 features the “everclear” shield that is optically clear and it comes with a state-of-the-art fog-free technology that makes it ideal for winter adventure touring. compared to most other helmets in this price category, the scorpion exo-at950 has a superior shield system that comes at an affordable price tag. not only can you take advantage of the defrost position in the chin vent for demisting, but you will also get a greater peripheral vision and downward visibility. the eye-port of the scorpion exo-at950 is 11 cm tall, which expands your field of vision significantly. furthermore, the face shield comes with an anti-scratch coating and it also provides 100% uv protection against uv-a and uv-b rays.

the scorpion exo-at950 helmet is equipped with the speedview drop-down sun visor and it also comes with an anti-fog coating. so, it doesn’t matter whether you are riding in summer or winter, the scorpion exo-at950 helmet will provide all the weather protection you need at an affordable cost.

ventilation system

the ventilation of the scorpion exo-at950 helmet is quite good but not amazing, especially when you are somewhere really hot or doing off-road riding in hot summer. still, the helmet succeeds in providing better ventilation when compared to other modular helmets in this price range.

the helmet’s chin vent has a large vertical slider that can be used even with gloves on. this is a dual position vent that acts as a defroster in the first position, and a ventilation intake in the second position. on the top of the helmet, there are two forehead intake vents with a large single slider that can be easily operated to allow cool air to pass through the eps comfort liner to the rider’s head. the rear exhaust vents flush the hot air out of the helmet to maintain an optimal airflow.

interior & comfort

the interior of the scorpion exo-at950 includes the “kwickwick 2” antimicrobial helmet liner, which is a fully removable and washable interior that dissipates the moisture and humidity out of helmet faster than an ordinary liner.

in fact, the company decided to take comfort to the next level by equipping the helmet with the “kwickfit” cheek pads. these cheek pads allow easy installation and removal, so if you end up getting the wrong size cheek pads, then don’t worry. you will be able to get a different size of cheek pads offered by scorpion to tailor the fit.

the verdict:

the scorpion exo-at950 is without a doubt a phenomenal motorcycle helmet. thanks to its flip-up chin bar and a peak visor, it can be used in multiple different riding situations such as street commuting, adventure touring and even off-road riding. in my opinion, the scorpion exo-at950 is actually the most versatile motorcycle helmet, and if you change your riding style often, then you should definitely own this modular adv helmet.

scorpion exo-at950 helmet

scorpion exo-at950 helmet

pros: advanced lg polycarbonate shell, advanced multi-layer eps, drop-down internal sun-visor

cons: noise issues

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arai xd4 adventure helmet review

if you are into dual-sport riding and looking for ultimate protection, then the arai xd4 motorcycle helmet will be the perfect choice for you. in europe, the helmet is advertised as tour-x4, but it is the exact same product. the xd4 is an adventure touring helmet from arai’s famous xd series, which has been around for decades and gained a legendary status among riders. and trust me, the guys from arai know exactly what they are doing, as they have been in this business since 1926. arai is best known for manufacturing some of the safest, most comfortable, and high-quality helmets for track racing. so, let’s not waste any more time and take a good look at the attributes of the arai xd4 motorcycle helmet.

shell design & protection

in my opinion, arai is one of the few companies that pay special attention to a helmet’s fit and comfort. that is the main reason why arai helmets are more comfortable than helmets from most other brands available on the market. and just like its predecessor, the arai xd4 motorcycle helmet is also very comfortable and its intermediate oval shape fits most head types.

the helmet is dot and snell certified and its shell is designed to provide the highest level of protection to the rider. it will be able to absorb impacts during a crash and protect you from potential head injuries. the helmet is considered safer than previous models and you will also feel much better aerodynamic stability in the arai xd4 compared to its predecessors, which is a vital, beneficial attribute for those who ride at high speeds.

face shield & visor

the face shield system of the arai xd4 helmet is pretty basic, which is a normal thing to see in most adventure helmets. you will get a standard face shield, which is however of a top quality. the shield is also pinlock-ready, but the insert lens is not included. the vision from the helmet is excellent and you will have an ultra-wide field of view. unfortunately, the arai xd4 helmet doesn’t have a face shield quick release system, so taking off or installing the shield might be a little tricky.

the arai xd4 helmet doesn’t come with a drop-down sun visor, but don’t take this as a negative. internal sun visors usually decrease protection of the inner eps liner and make it more prone to cracks. if safety and impact protection are your main concerns, then having no internal visor is actually a big plus!

ventilation system

ventilation is the most important attribute of an adventure helmet. the arai xd4 touring motorcycle helmet has an effective ventilation system that will keep you cool and dry on those off-road trails. on the top of the shell, there is a special diffuser vent used to increase the airflow through the helmet. on the face shield, you will get additional vents to maximize airflow to the temple
zones of your head. the chin vents also have intake ports for ventilation airflow, which is very important, especially for off-road motorcycle riding. and the sculpted side cowl vents will improve ventilation efficiency even further.

interior & comfort

one of the best features available in the arai xd4 motorcycle helmet is its interior. the arai xd4 has a fully removable, replaceable, and washable interior. arai’s dry-cool technology will keep you drier and cooler for a long period of time. so, it doesn’t matter how far you are going.

the arai xd4 features the fcs cheek pads with a 5 mm peel-away layer of padding, a feature that offers you an additional option of interior fitting adjustment if needed. that exclusive custom-fit layer is rarely seen in any other motorcycle helmet available on the market. this unique feature has proven arai’s devotion to manufacturing a perfectly fitting helmet for the best possible comfort and protection of the rider.

in a state of emergency, you can use the arai xd4’s emergency tab system to easily and safely remove the helmet from an injured rider’s head by pulling the integrated tabs built under each of the cheek pads.

the verdict:

the arai xd4 (arai tour-x4 in the uk) is truly an outstanding dual-sport helmet. in fact, it is the safest adventure touring helmet the money can buy. from maximum protection and amazing airflow, to perfect fit and superb build quality, this helmet will not let you down. on top of that, it is a great looking helmet that comes in various paint colors and graphic patterns. at a cost of around $600, the arai xd4 helmet may seem a little too expensive, but i truly believe it is important to protect your head at any cost. plus, you are getting a couple of practical features that you won’t find in other motorcycle helmets.

arai xd4 helmet

arai xd4 helmet

pros: aerodynamic stability, additional vents on face shield, removable and washable interior, fcs cheek pads with 5mm custom-fit feature, design and paint

cons: difficult to maintain

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bell qualifier dlx motorcycle helmet review

if you are looking for a helmet that includes an adaptive face shield at an affordable price, i would recommend you to check out the bell qualifier dlx full-face motorcycle helmet. not only it offers a high quality transitions adaptive shield, but on top of that, this helmet is also bluetooth compatible. i am sure you haven’t seen both features in a single helmet before. but, there are other amazing attributes this helmets has to offer. now, let me show you some of the most amazing features of the bell qualifier dlx full-face motorcycle helmet. it is available in two different versions. in this review, i am going to talk about the mips equipped helmet, which is the more advanced version.

shell design & protection

as you already know, full-face helmets always provide the ultimate level of protection to your head and face. now, with the bell qualifier dlx helmet, you will not only get the protection, but also several features and a designer look at an impressive price. moreover, the bell qualifier dlx helmet has both dot and ece approved safety standards for a full-face street helmet. the mips version of this helmet comes with the multi-directional impact protection system, which is a special technology designed to absorb rotational forces coming from multiple directions at the same time.

to absorb maximum impact during a crash, bell constructed a lightweight polycarbonate shell that is available in six different sizes. with these available sizes, you can choose the helmet according to your head size very easily. moreover, bell put a lot of effort into maintaining the aerodynamic stability of the qualifier dlx full-face helmet to resist buffeting.

face shield & visor

with the bell qualifier dlx motorcycle helmet, you will get the nutra fog ii shield that can protect your eyes from uv rays. the shield can be easily removed or interchanged using its “clickrelease” system. you can quickly take off or snap on the shield without any tools. the face shield comes with an anti-fog and anti-scratch coating, which are also very good features of this full-face helmet.

as i mentioned earlier, the bell qualifier dlx helmet comes with the latest transitions adaptive face shield technology. thanks to this innovative feature, the shield will adapt its darkness depending on the intensity of the incoming light. this will allow you to use this helmet under any circumstances and all weather conditions.

ventilation system

the bell qualifier dlx full-face motorcycle helmet has the velocity flow ventilation system that is fully adjustable for optimal cooling and maximal comfort. you can go anywhere and enjoy a long ride without problems with fogging, heat or humidity. i would say that the ventilation system of the bell qualifier dlx helmet is one of its biggest advantages. however, due to the airflow coming into the helmet, you might experience some wind noise issues.

interior & comfort

the bell qualifier dlx is equipped with a removable and washable interior that has an antimicrobial and moisture-wicking fabric. but if you don’t feel any moisture in your helmet, you won’t need to remove the interior, it is completely up to you. you also get a padded wind collar that will reduce the wind noise during a ride.

the bell qualifier dlx full-face helmet is one of the few helmets available on the market that comes with a plug-n-play bluetooth communication feature. it has integrated speaker pockets and an option to accommodate the sena smh-10 and cardo scala rider q1/q3 bluetooth stereo headset and intercom. in my opinion, this is one of the coolest features you can have in a motorcycle helmet.

the verdict:

the bell qualifier dlx is a full-face motorcycle helmet that is both extremely safe and very practical. not only it is equipped with a transition face shield, but you will also be able to install a bluetooth communication device into the helmet. moreover, it all comes at a really good value. so, if you like these attributes of the bell qualifier dlx full-face motorcycle helmet, then don’t miss this opportunity and check out the helmet.

bell qualifier dlx helmet

bell qualifier dlx helmet

pros: speaker facility, transitions adaptive face shield, anti-scratch and anti-fog nutra-fog ii shield, aerodynamic stability, top level ventilation system

cons: noise issues

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hjc rpha 70 st motorcycle helmet review

if you are in a search for a cool, stylish looking full-face motorcycle helmet that is suitable for sport-touring, then the hjc rpha 70 st is a good option for you. it is a successor of the popular hjc rpha st helmet and it is available in multiple different graphic designs. the design i am reviewing is ironman, which is a superhero character who doesn’t need to be introduced. other than that, the hjc rpha 70 st is also available as a carbon fiber helmet, which is equipped with a full carbon fiber shell. the helmet comes with some awesome features such as a high-quality drop-down sun visor and an emergency cheek pads removal system.

shell design & protection

the shell of the hjc rpha 70 st helmet is constructed from a combination of carbon fiber and carbon-glass fabric and it is designed for enhanced shock resistance and maximum protection of the rider’s head. thanks to the premium integrated matrix plus (p.i.m.+) technology, the helmet is light in weight, yet extremely durable.

the hjc rpha 70 st motorcycle helmet is both dot and ece certified, and therefore, it it very safe. the shape of the helmet is an intermediate oval and it comes in three shell sizes. the medium size version of the helmet weighs around 3.3 lbs.

face shield & visor

in this area, you will get some exciting new features that hjc has included in the rpha 70 st motorcycle helmet. for instance, the helmet has the unique internal sunshade that offers “on the fly” protection to the rider from the sun without worrying about having to stop the motorcycle to change face shields.

the hjc rpha 70 st is equipped with the anti-fog hj-1l smoke tinted sun shield that provides uv protection and has an anti-scratch coating on it. it is super-easy to operate and it deploys quickly.

and, in the case of an emergency, you can remove the shield immediately thanks to the “rapidfire” shield replacement system. it will let you quickly release the face shield without any external tools. you will have a great vision with some extra features on top of that while wearing this helmet.

ventilation system

if we talk about ventilation, then the hjc rpha 70 st comes with a pretty sophisticated ventilation system. the chin bar of the helmet is equipped with an intake air vent that will push fresh air towards your face. the intake and exhaust vents on the top of the helmet will ensure a proper air circulation and they will keep your head cool and dry during hot summer days. on the rear vents in the back of the helmet, you will find a switch that can be used to easily control the airflow of the helmet.

interior & comfort

hjc helmets are known for their high levels of comfort and the rpha 70 st is no exception. the helmet comes equipped with the “multicool” interior liner, which is made from a soft yet durable fabric with antibacterial properties. the fabric wicks moisture very effectively and it can dry extremely fast. you can easily remove the crown of the liner together with the cheek pads whenever you want to wash them or replace them.

the cheek pads can be easily removed from the helmet thanks to the emergency cheek pads removal system, which can be used by medical personnel in a state of emergency.

the verdict:

in my opinion the hjc rpha st 70 is one of the best motorcycle helmets for sport-touring. it is great for a street bike, as well as for a sport bike. the helmet comes with an amazing shield replacement system and it offers outstanding ventilation. so, if you are looking for a good all-around helmet that can be used for both track racing and touring, then you should definitely check out this helmet.

hjc rpha 70 st helmet

hjc rpha 70 st helmet

pros: equipped with a p.i.m+ shell, dual-proposed top vent, integrated sun shield, multicool interior

cons: a little expensive

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hjc rpha 11 pro motorcycle helmet review

it might seem crazy to some extent, but i have decided to add another hjc helmet to the list of the top 10 motorcycle helmets. if you have been wondering why there are so many hjc helmets on this list, then i have an answer for you. they are simply unbeatable in terms of value. and the rpha 11 pro helmet is a perfect example. it is a mid-range helmet, but you will get some features that are only available in premium helmets. for a price of around $400, you can have a race-ready motorcycle helmet that comes with lots of extras included in the box. so, let’s see what the hjc rpha 11 pro has to offer!

shell design & protection

the hjc rpha 11 pro’s fiberglass composite shell is constructed from multiple different compounds such as carbon fiber, aramid, and organic non-woven fabric. thanks to its multi-layer eps structure called premium integrated matrix plus (p.i.m.+), the helmet is both lightweight yet extremely durable. according to hjc, the rpha 11 pro helmet was designed specifically for track racing and it will ensure the best high-speed performance possible.

another good thing is that the helmet is both dot and ece rated, however, you won’t find any snell rating on it. the hjc rpha 11 motorcycle helmet is available in three shell sizes and they all come in an intermediate oval head shape.

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face shield & visor

in my opinion, this is the aspect in which the hjc rpha 11 pro truly outshines all other motorcycle helmets.

its face shield comes with an automatic center-locking mechanism that can be controlled with a lever. it is optically superior, scratch-resistant and it provides up to 95% uv protection from sun rays.

the helmet is equipped with the “rapidfire ii” shield replacement system and it will allow you to quickly remove the shield without any tools. on top of that, the shield is pinlock-ready and you will get a free anti-fog lens insert with your helmet. and, that’s not all! you will actually get two face shields with the purchase, one clear and one dark.

the rpha 11 pro is equipped with an integrated smoke-tinted sun visor (hj-26) that you can deploy with one touch, even while wearing your motorcycle gloves. if you would like to use your own sunglasses or prescription eyeglasses instead, then the inner eps liner of the helmet is fully suitable for eyewear.

ventilation system

it is often seen, that with an internal sun visor, there is not enough space for a forehead vent, but the hjc rpha 11 pro helmet has overcome this and the sun visor doesn’t cause a problem to the ventilation. the rpha 11 pro comes with hjc’s advanced channeling ventilation system (acs), which offers full front-to-back airflow to the rider. the forehead vent allows cool air to pass through the shock-absorbing eps liner to keep the top of your head cool and it flushes the hot air out of the helmet through the rear exhaust vents.

when we talk about the chin bar area, the hjc rpha 11 pro helmet has a big central chin vent that allows the air to pass through the intake to the face area of the rider. in addition, there is also an integrated breath deflector that helps to deflect the rider’s breath away from the visor.

interior & comfort

the rpha 11 pro helmet comes with a high-quality interior comfort liner that hjc calls the “supercool” interior and it is made from an anti-bacterial and moisture-wicking fabric. it provides high level of comfort to the rider’s face and helps with ventilation. the crown and cheek pads are fully removable and washable and they are designed to keep the moisture away from the rider’s face.

other than that, the helmet comes with an emergency cheek pad release system, that will be useful in a state of emergency. furthermore, for all fans of bluetooth headsets, i have some great news too! the hjc rpha 11 pro helmet is equipped with a pair built-in speaker pockets that will be very practical for you, if you are planning to install your bluetooth communication device.

the verdict:

if you are looking for a motorcycle helmet that offers the best value for money and comes with lots of advanced features, then the hjc rpha 11 pro is the one you should check out. you don’t have to spend $500 or more on a premium helmet. with the hjc rpha 11 pro, you can enjoy high level of comfort, great vision and ultimate protection for a price of a mid-range helmet. on top of that, you will get some extra accessories with it!

hjc rpha 11 pro helmet

hjc rpha 11 pro helmet

pros: speaker pockets, excellent ventilation system (ac-s), enhanced shield dual lock system, strong shell design (pim+)

cons: a little hard to maintain

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shoei gt-air 2 motorcycle helmet review

you can clearly see that shoei is one of the most popular brands in the motorcycle helmet industry. they make super-comfortable and highly advanced helmets that may be a little bit pricey, but they always deliver. when we take a look at the shoei’s latest gt-air 2 helmet, then we can quickly find out it has all those features we love so much in shoei helmets. it provides excellent fit and phenomenal vision, yet it is extremely lightweight and durable at the same time. also, the helmet looks good and it has a top-level build quality, which all shoei helmets are famous for.

shell design & protection

the technology used in the shell of the shoei gt-air 2 helmet is called advanced integrated matrix plus (aim+) and it is constructed from elastic organic fibers combined with a high performance fiber. this combination of materials was specifically designed to make the helmet ultralight and rigid. its multi-layer eps lining will improve impact protection and it will also help with ventilation.

the shell is capable of absorbing heavy impacts and it will protect your head from severe injuries in the event of a crash. on top of that, the helmet has been approved for both dot and ece rating and it is equipped with a facility for an optional bluetooth headset, which can be installed into the helmet. the shoei gt-air 2 helmet comes in three different shell sizes and it has an intermediate oval head shape.

face shield & visor

vision is another important factor of a motorcycle helmet and the shoei gt-air 2 doesn’t disappoint. it comes with an 3d-curved cns-1 face shield that has been improved compared to the previous model. it will not only give you uv protection, but it is also pinlock-ready and scratch-resistant. you will even get a free pinlock insert that is included in the box when you purchase the shoei gt-air 2 helmet.

the shoei gt-air 2 also comes with a built-in qsv-2 drop-down sun visor that you can simply use to protect your eyes from the sun during hot summer days. it can be activated in one quick motion by an easy-to-reach slider. the visor features a distortion-free functionality and it can block up to 99% of uv rays. furthermore, it also meets the ansi z+61404532026 standard.

ventilation system

the ventilation system of the shoei gt-air 2 helmet has been improved compared to the previous model. the helmet is equipped with 3 intake and 6 exhaust vents. you will find a brand new redesigned intake vent on the top of the helmet, which will push high amounts of air into the inside to keep your head cool and dry in warm weather. the lower chin vent has also seen an improvement. it is now larger and more effective than before and it will ensure proper airflow in the mouth area of your face. other than that, the helmet has a couple of exhaust vents in the back that fill push the air out of the helmet and maximize the airflow.

interior & comfort

speaking of comfort, the shoei gt-air 2 comes with a removable and washable interior liner that is soft to the touch. its 3d max-dry center pad, as well as the multi-layered foam cheek pads can be removed for washing whenever it’s necessary. the interior is eyeglass-compatible and you will be able to wear different types of eyewear with this helmet, including sunglasses.

another interesting feature of the shoei gt-air 2 is the emergency quick-release system, which is a safety mechanism that can be used to safely take-off the helmet by a medical personnel in a state of emergency.

the verdict:

basically, the shoei gt-air 2 can be considered one of the safest motorcycle helmets on the market. its shell will provide great impact protection to your head and the face shield will prevent harmful uv rays from reaching your eyes. on top of that, the helmet also comes with an emergency quick-release mechanism, which can save your life after a crash. so, if your number one concern is safety, i would strongly recommend checking this helmet out!

shoei gt-air 2 helmet

shoei gt-air 2 helmet

pros: multi-piece eps liner, built-in qsv-2 sun shield, pinlock ready, emergency quick-release system

cons: a little too noisy

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popular motorcycle helmet brands

shoei helmets

if you know anything about lightweight carbon fiber helmets, then i would like to tell you that shoei was the first company that introduced these carbon fiber helmets. shoei has been manufacturing motorcycle helmets since 1959. shoei continuously works on innovative ideas, designs, and manufacturing the safest and most durable helmets that provide ultimate protection from head injuries in the event of a crash. plus, a shoei helmet is very comfortable, which allows you to wear it for a long period of time. shoei helmets include many features that are better in many aspects, such as the ventilation system, noise level, and the interior of the helmet. moreover, shoei was the first company to use kevlar and carbon fiber in a helmet. shoei has a wide range of helmets for different motorcycles and various motorsports. so, if you are looking for a modular helmet, then i would recommend that you buy one of the shoei models.

hjc helmets

since 1971, hjc has been manufacturing motorcycle helmets that may not be the safest but they are very affordable. you can find a wide variety of the best quality hjc helmets in the mid to high price range. hjc is included in the top 5 brands of motorcycle helmets. the main reason for hjc’s popularity is its high-quality and reasonably priced helmets that hjc has offered for many decades. hjc has a state-of-the-art wind tunnel research laboratory to test for aerodynamics, noise, ventilation, etc. hjc is always focusing on new technology and features to make a helmet that provides ultimate protection and more comfort to the consumer at a better value. so, if you are looking for full-face, open-face, off-road, or any touring helmet at an affordable price, then hjc will be a suitable choice for you.

arai helmets

arai is one of the oldest motorcycle helmet brands that have been providing the best and safest motorcycle helmets since 1926. arai is a japanese company that specifically manufactures and designs helmets for different motorcycle motorsports and racing. arai motorcycle helmets meet the snell memorial foundation safety rating and standards just as other brands available on the market do. moreover, arai also manufactures and designs helmets for touring bikes, adv, dirt/off-road, and ¾, and full-face helmets, etc. but there are few things that make arai different from other motorcycle helmets. first is, arai helmets fit so much better than most of the other helmet brands. arai will give you a wide variety of helmets based on shell type and size. arai helmets provide the best shields in their helmets. you can remove and install the shields quickly. and last, arai helmets are not so costly that they are not affordable. in fact, arai is one of the few brands that will never compromise safety for features and design.

bell helmets

bell is a world-class helmet manufacturing brand that provides some of the best helmets for various motorsports. bell makes motorcycle and bicycle helmets that provide excellent functionality for any use and at any time. bell helmets are very safe, expertly designed, and very comfortable. they are best known for their full-face and 3/4 helmets that not only provide full protection but also the next-level comfort and fit. bell helmets are used in many big sporting events. they manufacture a strong shell to absorb major impacts in the event of an accident, a high-quality ventilation system to offer more comfort to the rider, and several features, such as the quick release face shield, interchangeable cheek pads, airflow vents, and many others. so, if you ever need a helmet that not only provides ultimate protection but also includes features that function properly, then bell will not disappoint you.

scorpion helmets

scorpion is a california-based motorcycle helmet manufacturing company that was founded in 2004. since then, the company has been offering some of the best helmets on the market that are both extremely safe and affordable. the helmets are best known for their amazing design and modern technology. scorpion always puts a lot of effort into the small details and innovation. that’s the reason why it is now one of the most popular motorcycle helmet brands available on the market in 2021. they manufacture all types of safety motorcycle helmets including full-face, open-face and modular helmets. so, if you are a street rider or a cruiser motorcycle rider, scorpion helmets will give you an excellent experience in terms of performance, comfort and protection.

how to find the best motorcycle helmet?

when we say the best motorcycle helmet; if we are talking preventing severe injury to your head in an accident and providing a higher level of protection, then we must consider a few guidelines and tips to choose the suitable motorcycle helmet to reduce the severity of injuries. finding the right motorcycle helmet is a need but having the best motorcycle helmet for you is desirable. certain major factors decide if a bike helmet is the best on the market or not. a perfect motorcycle helmet will enhance your bike riding experience. read the following steps and choose the best motorcycle helmet for you.

step 1: helmet size

as we discussed above, because everyone’s head is not the same shape, choosing the right size helmet is very important. so, i recommend you try on as many different helmets as you can. by doing this, you will be able to choose the right fit in a range of different brands. remember, comfort and protection always come first. once you know the right size and fit, you can decide on a particular brand or model.

check out this 2-minute video below to learn more about choosing the right size helmet.

step 2: vehicle type

  • street/sport bike – a full-face helmet is the safest helmet for you if you have a sports bike or street bike. full-face helmets provide ultimate protection to your head and minimize the chances of a severe injury. if you want to have a good head protection while riding around the city or commuting to work, then a full-face helmet will be the best choice for you. some full-face helmets can even be used for professional track racing at maximum speeds.
  • classic/cruiser – if you have a classic bike or a cruiser motorcycle and enjoy long rides, an open-face/half-face helmet will be suitable for you to protect your head and enjoy the moment at the same time. a half helmet will protect only the top part of your head, while an open-face helmet up to 3/4 of your head. also, they are light, which will not tire you out and will help you stay pro-active during long rides.
  • adventure/touring – if you are adventurous and love going for tour riding, you can choose a dual-sport helmet, or a modular helmet that will also serve as a full-face helmet or a half helmet. so, it doesn’t matter if you are on a dirt road or long straight road, you can enjoy your adventure trip fully and minimize the head injuries in case an accident occurs.
  • off-road/atv – if you mostly ride off the road, then a dirt bike helmet is your only option. dirt bike helmets provide excellent airflow and their peak visor will protect you from mud and sun. moreover, you can use goggles with them and they are super-light and comfortable.

step 3: helmet type

let’s take a look at the different types of helmets that play the single role of protection during a motorcycle ride but perform differently depending on the type of motorcycle. so, choosing an appropriate helmet is very important in the prevention of severe head injuries.

full-face helmets

full-face helmets are highly recommended by various safety associations and foundations. they always emphasize the importance of full-face helmets. a full-face helmet provides the most protection of any helmet type. it covers your entire head and provides full protection to your face and chin. it was found in a case study that 60 percent of motorcyclist’s injuries were to the face area. so, i would suggest that you use a full-face helmet for the overall protection of your skull, face, and chin.

open-face helmets

an open-face helmet covers your head and neck but leaves your face and chin entirely open and unprotected. some of the best open-face helmets are very light and they provide the same level protection to the top and back of your head as full-face helmets but less protection to your face and chin
zones. however, open-face helmets provide more ventilation as compared to full-face helmets. so, it would probably be the best to use goggles with an open-face helmet. otherwise, you might face the problem of wind and bugs during your ride.

half-face helmets

the half helmet will not cover your head completely. it will only protect the top part of your head. motorcycle half helmets are mostly suitable for long rides as they are not very heavy. their lightweight helps the rider to stay active during long rides. thus, it is preferable to wear a half helmet during long rides. i would recommend choosing a half helmet if you ride a harley bike or any type of cruiser.

modular/flip-up helmets

modular helmets perform as full-face and open-face helmets. a modular helmet offers the overall protection of a full-face helmet and the comfort of an open-face helmet. this feature of the modular helmet will protect your face and chin areas like a full-face helmet and also allows you to flip up the face shield whenever you want. modular helmets are very popular these days among motorcyclists.

adventure/dual-sport helmets

adventure helmets are a hybrid category of motorcycle helmets. they are a combination of full-face helmets and dirt bike helmets. they can be used during both off-road and on-road riding and they offer phenomenal airflow together with high safety ratings. they have a peak on top of the shell that can be removed. an adventure helmet is the best choice for you if you own a big adventure bike such as suzuki v-strom or honda africa twin; or a smaller dual-sport bike such as honda crf-450l or husqvarna 701 supermoto/enduro.

off-road/motocross helmets

off-road and motocross helmets, also known as dirt bike helmets, are very different from full-face helmets. off-road helmets will not only give you protection but also tend to have a better view. these helmets are usually used with goggles that help to keep dust, mud, and other objects out of your eyes. this is exactly the type of helmet that you require in tough off-road riding and motocross competitions. additionally, with an elongated chin bar and sun visor protection, you will feel safer and more comfortable while wearing a dirt bike helmet.

step 4: safety standards

now you know everything about helmets and types. it is also important that the helmet you have chosen meets minimum safety standards. a good, reliable helmet must have the shock-absorbing capacity and the ability to withstand a blow from a sharp object. if your selected helmet meets any of the dot, ece 22.05, or snell motorcycle helmet standards, then you have a certified helmet. dot means the u.s department of transportation. ece 22.05 means the economic commission for europe and snell means the snell memorial foundation m2010.

top 10 best motorcycle helmets 2021 - motorcyclist lifestyle
motorcycle helmet dot safety standard
top 10 best motorcycle helmets 2021 - motorcyclist lifestyle
motorcycle helmet snell safety standard

these organizations and foundations have rigid procedures for testing the impact, retention, penetration, and peripheral vision of helmets. so, make sure any helmet you choose has the safety certification. with a best-certified helmet, you can minimize serious head injuries.

step 5: compare the helmets

once you understand everything from key features to size and from types to safety standards, then you can begin to compare helmets by going to the nearest store or checking online to choose the most appropriate helmet. you can compare models and brands on the basis of features, size, durability, safety standards, cost, and design. if you are in a store, you should try on as many helmets as you can. wear it around for a while to check if it is comfortable or not. in that manner, you can buy a top-rated motorcycle helmet at a better value. after all, all these guidelines and steps are to help you to make the right choice. these guidelines will help you to find the best top-rated helmet among the different brands and various models.

how to choose the right size helmet?

there is no doubt that a helmet is one of the most important items of your motorcycle protective equipment. and choosing the right helmet could save your life in a crash. so, make sure that the helmet fits correctly on your head. because if it is loose and moves around on your head, it won’t protect you well in a crash. our other independent advice to you is that you must never buy a second-hand helmet or any second-hand motorcycle protective gear, for that matter. sometimes the external appearance can disguise damage to the protective material inside the helmet.

for more details on choosing the right size motorcycle helmet and getting the right fit, read the information provided below.

importance of the right size

as i said earlier, choosing the right size helmet is very important. and for that, you need to measure the size of your head. because most helmets are sold as xxs, xx, xs, m, l, xl, etc., it would be good to know the circumference of your head. you can measure your head at home. all you have to do is use a measuring tape and wrap it around your head just above the eyebrows to get the maximum circumference of your head. once you have completed the measurement, you can match the size with the helmet size chart below.

motorcycle helmet size chart

inches centimeters size
20 1/8 – 20 ½ 51 – 52 xx-small
20 7/8 – 21 ¼ 53 – 54 x-small
21 5/8 – 22 55 – 56 small
22 3/8 – 22 7/8 57 – 58 medium
23 ¼ – 23 5/8 59 – 60 large
24 – 24 3/8 61 – 62 x-large
24 7/8 – 25 ¼ 63 – 64 xx-large

putting it on your head

once you figured out the right size then you must try it on because sometimes sizes vary with different brands and products. so, be sure your helmet fits snugly on your head. otherwise, you may face several problems later. i know you don’t want that to happen. the best way is to try it on and keep it on for several minutes. in that way, you will know if the helmet fits suitably or not.

checking the fit

before fastening the straps of the helmet, you must do a few fit checks. first is to check if the cheek pads of the helmet are touching your cheeks. the second thing is to make sure there are no gaps between your temples and the pads. after this, you can fasten the straps and begin moving your head in different directions with your hands. you will know if the helmet is too small or too big for you. once you have finished with all these procedures, take the helmet off. if you feel uncomfortable or sore anywhere, try another one. the helmet is a very important part of your motorcycle protective equipment, so make sure you choose the right one.

benefits of wearing a motorcycle helmet

top 10 best motorcycle helmets 2021 - motorcyclist lifestyle
motorcycle helmet quote

we can’t predict when or where an accident will happen. but we hope that your helmet never has an impact. accidents are totally unpredictable and you always have to consider this or it may end up leading you towards injuries. you should stop giving excuses like “i am not going very far” for not wearing your helmet. many people say they find it not cool to wear a helmet. one simple question, “your life or your cool attitude?” wearing your helmet shows responsibility and can influence many other motorcycle riders to do the same.

moreover, many manufacturers design helmets to match the latest styles of youth. you need to show maturity and learn the benefits of wearing a helmet.

what a helmet does for you?

  • protects you from major injuries to the head, face, and neck in a crash.
  • cuts down wind noise, windblast, and deflects bugs and other objects.
  • provides maximum comfort in harsh weather.
  • promotes a sense of responsibility and awareness.

how a helmet provides protection?

there are different types of helmets on the market that do different things and serve in different fields. you can’t replace a motorcycle helmet with a construction hat or an athletic helmet. motorcycle helmets are specifically designed to protect your head in the event of a crash or a traffic accident. here we will discuss the basic components that play a major role in providing protection.

top 10 best motorcycle helmets 2021 - motorcyclist lifestyle
basic parts of a motorcycle helmet

so, let’s take a look at each part and layer to understand how a helmet is capable of saving you from a head injury and can save your life too. each part plays a different role.

the most common thing that happens in a crash is a hard impact on the ground. to lessen this impact and protect your head, the outer shell of a helmet is designed to compress when it hits hard. and this outer shell is made from thermoplastics like polycarbonate. and once the impact occurs, the layer inside the shell, i.e. the impact-absorbing layer, absorbs the impact so that you can keep moving. so, the sole purpose of the outer shell is to take a hit and then the impact-absorbing layer absorbs that hit to lessen the impact on the head. after that, the comfort padding, which is a soft foam inside the helmet that is in direct contact with your head and provides comfort. and a chin strap doesn’t seem important but actually, it is a very important part of your helmet. it is a retention system that keeps the helmet on your head during a crash. fasten your chin strip as you would fasten your seatbelt before driving a car.

importance of dot-compliant motorcycle helmets

nopus report: motorcycle helmets use in 2016

the national occupant protection use survey (nopus) is the only survey conducted by the national center for statistics and analysis (ncsa) of the national highway traffic safety administration, which provides data for motorcycle helmet use in the united states. and according to this survey, it was found that dot-compliant motorcycle helmets were used 65.3 percent of the year 2016, which was 60.7 percent in the preceding year.

as we mentioned above, dot-compliant helmets go through various rigid procedures to meet the safety requirements of the federal motor vehicle safety standard. thanks to that, many motorcyclists started using dot-compliant helmets and stopped using helmets with no safety standards or safety standards that do not meet the minimum requirements of the federal motor vehicle safety standard.

top 10 best motorcycle helmets 2021 - motorcyclist lifestyle

to get the right stats, check below where you can see how much has changed in the percentage of motorcyclists using dot-compliant, noncompliant, and no helmets in the year 2015-16.

top 10 best motorcycle helmets 2021 - motorcyclist lifestyle

top 10 best motorcycle helmets 2021 - motorcyclist lifestyle

this data was collected through various observations by sending observers to the sampled roadways at different times of the year. from the results of this survey, many states required all motorbike riders to wear helmets.

top 10 best motorcycle helmets 2021 - motorcyclist lifestyle

for full data coverage, you can visit the site of the national highway traffic safety administration.

“dot-compliant helmets meet safety standard 218 of the federal motor vehicle safety standard that nhtsa established for the sake of motorcyclists to ensure a certain degree of protection in a crash.”

motorcycle helmet care

a well-made helmet is durable and protects the rider from severe head injuries in a crash. but it doesn’t mean we can carelessly handle a helmet. even a helmet should be handled properly by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

helmet care is very important so it can be used for a long time. and for that, you should always follow the manufacturer’s care instructions, especially if you own a polycarbonate helmet. a polycarbonate helmet is tough and sturdy but continuous exposure to sunlight, excessive heat, fumes, fluids, gasoline, or strong cleaning agents can harm the helmet and its protective value. it will adversely affect its integrity and materials. that kind of damage will be difficult to notice. so, it is best to use a mild soap to clean your helmet’s body and face shield. and always keep your helmet in a safe place where there is no direct exposure to sunlight and fumes. for more info, check out our guide on how to clean your motorcycle helmet.


i am sure after reading our buyer’s guide and the best motorcycle helmets review of 2021, you understand the importance of a helmet. wearing the right helmet is just as important as wearing the rest of the protective riding equipment. but the truth is that “it’s not always about protection.” i am sure you agree with that because what’s the point of all those safety features if you are not comfortable wearing the helmet. if you are comfortable in your riding gear, then you will stay comfortable, cool, and dry for a long time. and the end result will be “no distractions while riding a motorcycle on the road.” right?

so, we have explained every aspect to you that we can think of. so, please ensure that you keep these things in mind before choosing any particular helmet. this buying guide will help you to buy the most comfortable, safest, and best helmet that is suited best just for you.

be safe out there.

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